Install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery on Asus Transformer TF300T [Guide]


Asus released the Transformer TF300T as a cheaper quad-core variant of the Transformer Prime about a month ago. However, it’s only now that ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery has been released for it, by XDA Recognized Developer XpLoDWilD. CWM recovery lets you flash custom ROMs and hacks on your device, and the release of CWM for the TF300T should see custom ROMs coming out for it in full steam.

Let’s take a look at how CWM recovery can be installed on the Asus Transformer TF300T.


This guide is applicable only for Asus Transformer TF300T. DO NOT try this on any other device.


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to your device, we won’t be held liable.

How to Install Clockworkmod (CWM) Recovery on Asus Transformer TF300T

  1. First, make sure the bootloader on your TF300T is unlocked. Go to the Asus Support Page → here, select Android in the OS drop down menu, then select Utilities, then download the Unlock Device App utility and use it to unlock the bootloader. This will void your warranty, so make sure you are comfortable with that.
  2. Download the CWM recovery image from the official development page. You’ll get a file named recovery.img.
  3. Install the Android SDK by following the guide → here.
  4. Download fastboot.
    Download Fastboot  |  Filename:
  5. Extract the file to the C: drive on your computer to get a folder named Fastboot with four files inside it.
  6. Copy the recovery.img file downloaded in step 2 to the Fastboot folder on C drive. You should have 5 files in the Fastboot folder now.
  7. Shut down the tablet. Hold Power + Vol Down buttons until a message appears saying “Press Vol. Up to enter RCK (5s)”. However, DO NOT press the Volume Up button. Instead, wait for 5 seconds till a new menu appears. Then, in less than 10 seconds, press Volume Down once to highlight the USB icon, then press the Volume Up button to validate. Remember, you must do this in 10 seconds otherwise the tablet will boot into Android and you’ll have to redo the step.
  8. Open Command Prompt on your computer from Start » All Programs » Accessories (or open Run, type cmd and press the Enter button).
  9. Now, type the following commands in command prompt to flash the kernel, pressing Enter after each command (use the screenshot after step 9.3 for reference).
    1. cd c:Fastboot
    2. fastboot devices (this is to ensure the phone gets detected. A string of numbers and letters should appear if the phone is properly detected)
    3. fastboot -i 0x0B05 flash recovery recovery.img
  10. After the recovery is flashed, you’ll get a finished/OKAY message in command prompt.
  11. Now, type fastboot -i 0x0B05 reboot to reboot the tablet.
  12. CWM recovery is now installed on your Transformer TF300T. To enter recovery, shutdown your tablet, press and hold Volume Down + Power, then press the Volume Up button when the “Press Vol. Up to enter RCK (5s)” message appears and the tablet will enter CWM recovery after a few seconds.

So, following the above procedure, you can install ClockworkMod recovery on your Asus Transformer TF300T, and can flash any custom ROMs that you might want to try out, backup and restore your current ROM, etc. Let us know how it works for you, in the comments below.

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  1. Gil Yoder says: Reply

    I was able to put CWM on my TF300T without any problems, but I haven’t gotten any further yet. (I’m not sure I want to put a new image on it right now.) I wanted to get SU working, but from the instructions on the deveopment page you mentioned, I need an SD card for that to launch the flash utility on the tablet.

    Is there another way to do that? I can get the zip file on the tablet without the SD card, but I can’t see how to get the tablet to recognize it to flash it as described.

    1. Abhijeet Mishra says: Reply

      Did you try this method for root?

  2. Blayne says: Reply

    i am receiving an error report when trying to unlock my device. the app downloads. the eula comes up and everything. i click the button to unlock it. and get an error report

  3. michael says: Reply

    I cant get it to work for some reason

    1. Abhijeet Mishra says: Reply

      You’re typing it wrong, the correct command is
      fastboot -i 0x0B05 flash recovery recovery.img
      You’re missing the word recovery before recovery.img 🙂

  4. 穣司 門間 says: Reply

    On my TF300T, “fastboot devices” gives “00000 fastboot” (maybe because my tablet is customized for japanese environment? not too sure). still downloading recovery image worked.

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