Install Android 4.2 on Galaxy S I9000


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  • suresh

    Google maps file is missing when im trying to download ”

    The file you requested was not found”

  • Zippo

    for those who do not trust, just fallow ALL the steps and all will be fine,believe me :-)

  • Zippo

    work perfectly, thx a loot, keep up with good job, u r the future of this world :-) , seriously :-)

  • KC

    I already got Jellybean Android 4.1 on my Samsung Galaxy S. I followed from Step 5 to Step 11. I selected the Rom and it started to install/extract whatever it is called. And then it fails.

    I downloaded the roms from, and

    All 3 failed for me. For now I am going to stick with 4.1

  • Pratik Dalvi

    Does Photospere function properly?? i am currently running cm10.1 which does not support photosphere.
    i tried flashing the camera app which got me the photosphere feature but it is very laggy.
    I found out that the reason for the lag is that the device doesnt have a gyrometer.
    I had read that it is possible to run photosphere using the accelerometer only.
    Do u have any idea whether this is being worked on?

    And how is this ROM different to CM10.1

  • Young

    hi^^ I have been so pleased with this site because of the successful upgrade from Galaxy S I9000 default OS to Gingerbread(XXJVR. 2.3.4Firmware) last year. Now I am excited to upgrade from Gingerbread to 4.2 Jellybean. Question. Although i don’t have 4.0 in my phone now, Can i just follow the steps above and get 4.2 on my Galaxy? Or do i have to get 4.0 first and then follow the above steps to get 4.2?
    Thank you in advance^^

  • shivram

    Hi, It works well. very good detailed instructions. But I can’t connect to samsung Kies. when I connect the USB it automatically detecting as Mass storage. No option to select Samsung kies. How to resolve this

  • Jozef Káčer

    Google Search (voice) crashes on my phone with this ROM, otherwise I haven’t found any other issue so far – it’s way faster than my previous 2.3.6 stock ROM.

  • Dale Goodwin

    aweseome updated Rom. works really well for my Galaxy s, here in Australia. Well done, I dont’ know how you guys do it….but you’re worth more money!!

  • Lynton Reed

    does the rom include the android 4.2 photosphere camera option and does it work on the GT-i9000 with this rom ?

    • Jozef Káčer

      If you have panorama on your mind, then yes.

  • ecoera

    where is there is no

  • Nerijus Versalis

    thanks, all working, no bugs found yet :)

  • Althaf Ibrahem Rana

    Infact this has downgraded features

  • Althaf Ibrahem Rana

    I do not find any differences between 4.0.4 ROM released by EXTREME and the above said ROM. Its just changes the version to 4.2 which according to me is nonsense

  • Rodrigo Gallegos

    is the procedure safe for the GT-I9000B ?

  • Gabriel Aktas

    I flashed this rom and it is really really good. The only thing that is really bothering me is that everytime i go into messages and then in to a conversation it say ”Messages has stopped”. How do i solve this?

  • eamnomadic

    your compatability section refers to galaxy s i9100.
    did you mean gt i9000 ?
    thank you

    • Dan Verwoert

      Yes I have just installed on my Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000. It seems to be working well so I will see if I encounter any major issues. NO problems in the first few hours.

    • mad_rao

      Yes..exactly…Galaxy S GT-I9000