Install Android 4.0 on Galaxy S2 with Thebyani Rom with ICS Launcher in Place of Touchwiz


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  • Nguyen2007

    work good

  • Huejass78

    Great ROM, ultra fast ICS and great performance… can’t seem to get flash working using Opera tho. Any suggestions?? (i’ve already re-downloaded the adobe flash stuff from the Market)

  • NZinTech

    Does the video camera, and youtube work?

    • Kapil

      I think it does.

  • Trent

    Do you think this is a better build that the Spike.Pure.ICS-v3.0? I’ve been running it for a few days now, and I think it is stable anough for everyday use… Sometimes apps stop responding etc, but of course is to be expected…

  • J-B Phuong-Anh-Vu Lai

    Will this work on S2 LTE (or Skyrocket)? 

    • Kapil

      Nope :(

  • Shaun Bolas

    Having issues with 3G connection. Trying custom apn config.

    • Kapil

      Yes, that would work — just insert your carrier’s settings.

      • Vitor

        how do I do that? :s

        • Kapil

          Maybe you should call your carrier’s helpline and ask the apn settings from them. Then, insert those settings by creating and new apn under mobile and network settings.

          • Vitor

            okay thanky you :)

  • Shaun Bolas

    Have installed this and having no issues at all. 
    Only issue I had was with Chrome Beta but that is with Chrome and not the updated firmware. 
    Nice build.

  • Gary mcmanus

    Will not connect to internet unless on wi-fi !!!

  • Anonymous

    Too many problems hangs and Exchange fails. Going to go back to AndyX ROM