Improve Battery Life of your Android Phone with ‘Easy Battery Saver’ Android app


Can’t get through the day on a single charge of your Android phone? Constantly worrying that you might run out of battery power is a worry that plagues us quite often, in this world of social networking, emails, internet use on the go, etc. Well, worry no further, because Easy Battery Saver is here to help you improve battery life on your Android phone.

Easy Battery Saver is a free power manager app designed to get you the maximum juice out of your phone’s battery. It saves battery by controlling variables like data connectivity, screen brightness, screen timeout, etc. It can turn your data connections off when you turn off the screen, and turn them back on whenever you use the phone. It can also control other variables like Auto Sync, turning it on at regular intervals so you can keep your phone synchronized with your email and other important accounts, without using up too much battery power.

Three pre-defined profiles handle battery optimization in different ways. And if you want to take matters into your own hands, there’s an Advanced Customization Mode that will let you customize each and every setting the way you want it.

Other features include a Consumption Tracker, which lists the battery consumption of running apps. It also gives you an estimate of how long the phone can be used for particular tasks like Calling, Web Surfing, Audio Playback and Video Playback.

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab the app from the Android Market (link below), and start saving battery life right away. Leave your thoughts and opinion on the app in the comments below. Thanks!

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  1. Singa says: Reply

    is it better then Juice defender ??

    1. Guest says: Reply

      The UI looks cleaner at least.

  2. Javen Patterson says: Reply


    1. Shivam says: Reply

      Why?.. don’t you think this app is helpful for average users?

  3. Shohaib says: Reply

    ive used this on my samsung galaxy s2 and it actually does make the battery last longer! great app & its free!

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