Improve Audio Quality on Desire HD with Sony xLoud Engine MOD


After the Sony Bravia Engine that was ported over from the Sony Xperia line of Android phones to other Android phones resulting in enhanced image and video quality, it seems it’s now the turn of  the sound enhancement engine found on Xperia phones to be ported over to other devices. The Sony xLoud Engine is a volume enhancement engine that enhances loudspeaker volume while playing music, videos or making a call, and is a feature on many Sony Xperia Android phones.

HTC Desire HD owners can now enjoy the benefit of the xLoud Engine on their devices as well, thanks to this mod by XDA member XxXPachaXxX. While on Xperia phones the xLoud Engine can be turned on and off manually, this mod for the Desire HD doesn’t provide any such option but we’re pretty sure you won’t want to turn it off anyway.

Read on to find out how to install the xLoud Engine mod on your Desire HD.


This mod and the guide below is compatible only and only with the HTC Desire HD. It’s not compatible with any other device. Check your device model in Settings » About phone


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. If any damage occurs to you or your device, we won’t be held liable. You have been forewarned!

Pre-Installation Requirements

  1. Rooted HTC Desire HD with Clockworkmod recovery installed.

How to Install xLoud Engine Mod on HTC Desire HD:

  1. Download the mod file.
    Download Link  |  Filename:  |  Size: 170 KB
  2. Copy the mod file to the root of your SD card.
  3. Boot into CWM recovery. Use Volume buttons to navigate and Power button to select options in recovery.
  4. [Optional] Make a backup of your currently installed ROM so you can always restore it if things go wrong. To do this, select “backup and restore”, then select “Backup” to make a backup of your currently installed ROM. You can restore this backup by selecting the “Restore” option.
  5. Now, in main recovery menu, select “install zip from sdcard”, then select “choose zip from sdcard”. Scroll to the file you transferred in step 2 and select it. Select “Yes” on the next screen to confirm installation.
  6. After the installation is complete, select “go back” then select “reboot system now” to reboot the phone.

The xLoud Engine enhancement mod is now installed on your HTC Desire HD and should provide you with an increase in loudspeaker volume. Share your thoughts on the mod in the comments.

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