IMM76Q OTA Update for Galaxy Nexus at Verizon Shipping Out?


Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners may soon be getting a new update on their devices very soon. An XDA member apparently got a notification about an update to Android build IMM76Q on his Nexus. As seen in the picture above, the device has a serial number on the top, which probably means this is a test device. And if test devices are getting the update, it might soon go official and start pushing out to everyone.

The update is quite small in size, only 954 KB, so it’s probably nothing major. However, it could be the update that Google are supposedly going to push out to make changes to the search functionality that the Nexus was found to be infringing upon, in order to get the Galaxy Nexus unbanned in the US. But whatever it may be or however minor changes it might bring, people love updates, so let’s hope it gets here soon enough.

What do you think the update will bring? Any nagging issues on the Verizon Nexus currently that need fixing? Let us know in the comments!

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