IMM26 — Android 4.0.4 for Nexus S [Ice Cream Sandwich Official Update]


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  • Don Woodford

    so much for Open-Source software

  • Madhav

    @d9181cc7d05912e46fd9c53f690c2c94:disqus  the screenshot was meant to  indicate the build #, also, the video is more updated, and would reflect the current build and kernel versions. So you are good, nothing to worry about

  • rob kortright

    I have a question my kernel version does not match what’s in the pic above , I noticed it differs I have the kernel version 3.0.8-gd37d58 which is the same as at the end of the video , but why does the pic above have a different kernel version?and if I do have the wrong one how do I flash the other one ? That process is not in the video , I’m kind of a noob at this so any help would be very appreciated ,I just wanna make sure I have the right kernel

  • Kapil Malani

    @google-67589569b6040212adfa47de73a8d5b8:disqus Thanks for notifying us. Post has been updated.

  • Madhav

    Will do so at the earliest. 
    Thanks a bunch for letting us know!

  • Stephan Schmitz

    @author: FYI: You are linking to the files that i hosted on Google Code. At request by Google, i had to delete the project. So the files are no longer available from that source. You may want to update the article.