Ice Cream Sandwich Boots Up on Kindle Fire!

If you thought CM7 on Kindle Fire was a treat, think of ICS booting on the Amazon’s tablet. And the guy who got it successfully done before others — I think quite a few many were on the task, given KF’s huge popularity — is none other than Steven Lin, who brought Android 2.3 keyboard to you around same time last year. What a comeback to android modding scene, right?

The screenshot at the top is the proof of Kindle Fire running Ice Cream Sandwich — although, this being a first boot and all that, nothing is working (except for the touch panel and hardware graphics, btw). But developer Steven Lin is more than willing to share the kernel and android source with the public — creating an open source project for it — which is getting us drooling and hoping for a working build from the modding community well before Christmas. And something tells us we’re not hoping for too much.

UPDATE: Steven Lin has posted a video too on YouTube, have a look :

Via XDA and Dyndns

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  1. Great, expecting so much for it!

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