Galaxy Tab 10.1 Gets Ice Cream Sandwich Rom, a CM9 Port!


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  • haryki

    have problem with trebuchet (not rotate), have problem with build-in browser, fast discharging. have not wifi switch in operational menu – need or install widget or every time go to settings. design, fonts, colors – awesome! but in general – crude. most likely reason its porting ISC to this device

  • Mackydee1977

    Just got a Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi and love it, i think i’ll just wait tho. if the upgrade to 4.0 is coming in March. Save f**in about withit ha

  • Dinku

    works a treat. better than HC. faster as well.

  • Ovidiu Gogu

    why the hell do these come only for the non 3G ones ?

  • Fernando De Leon

    this is a kang and not the real CM9 so is a WIPnhowever if you want to see whats in the works the rom works great though you get lots of FC but thats expected on a kang pre alpha releasenyou need to have the latest CWM 5.x to flash this. over at xda it tells you how to install the latest CWM.u00a0

  • Stiffler_shade

    I wouldn’t recommend flashing this ROM. u00a0This is not a release from the CryogenMod team but a kang that someone built from their source repo. u00a0This will not be a supported release. u00a0Wait a few days and there will be an official release.

    • Stiffler_shade

      You may also notice is was pulled from XDA. u00a0I’m not sure why however I would assume due to issues with the ROM being a Kang and not a true release.

  • Bsherba3

    It works reasonably well. Several force closes, Netflix won’t play right, etc. Smoother than stock for sure

  • Kevin N

    Looks like the post was pulled on XDA

  • Kevin N

    Just flashed not working!

  • Aaron

    Looks like the build.prop isn’t built exactly for the GT-P7510.u00a0 I’m testing some changes to see if I can get it to work.

    • Kevin N

      Please post if you get it working. thx

    • Damien5314

      Please post if you can get it to work, I have this model and would very much like a way to get ICS on this bad boy.

    • Sdiaz

      I am running the 3.2 from samsung at this moment and i can’t install the kang neither. it said that my device is not a p7510 but i have a gt-p7510MA

  • Stan

    mine ddoes not work either. when i try to install i get an error, something about

  • Nobody

    not woking

    • Kapil

      Can you point out what’s not working? The zip isn’t flashing or what?

      • the man

        it says Error in /sdcard/cm9_kang_ics_4.0.zipn(Status 7)Installation aborted