T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Gets Ice Cream Sandwich Themed ROM – Domination


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  • Mattbeck16

    This “dev” ( wouldn’t call him that…he just kangs other peoples stuff ) is well known on the forums as a hackjob. He takes other peoples work without permission and lightly themes it differently.

    Please remove this so people don’t ruin their phones

  • http://twitter.com/0xD34D |0xD34D|

    It’s articles like this that end up confusing the shit out of people.  It is in no way, shape, or form an Ice Cream Sandwich based rom.  The title is 100% misleading and I’m sure that is intentional

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Edited.. hope it’s clear now :(

  • mark allen

    the rom looks like crap if you ask me just use eagles blood fast smooth keeps the good qualities of the stock rom with no bloatware and give u the nice nexus old fashioned tv turn off animate when it goes on standby

  • Monkey1305

    it bricked the crap out of my phone lol had to re3 order a new handset

  • Noreply

    Constant force close on Telus version. Had to load stock rom back

    • Guest

       It says only for T-Mobile Galaxy S II, you moron.

  • t-blu

    Not ICS – just a themed ROM with some of the ICS features added to it. Nice ROM, but not ICS…

  • http://www.theandroidsite.com benmarvin

    Still only Android 2.3.5 based, just with an ICS theme. I am disappoint.

  • Fábio Palácio

    This is rom is only in English or have the option of Portuguese?

    • Fabiobatista

      portuguese too, just choose the language when install the room.

      • Ramias4

        Fabio! Deu certo essa atualizaçao ? Voce recomenda? Possuo um SGH-T989 e moro no brasil.