I9300XXBLFB – Latest Android 4.0.4 Update for Galaxy S3 [Guide]


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  • MOhammed

    Can I download arabic keyboard in galaxy s3 i9300xxblfb?

  • peee

    does flashing the phone void the warranty?

  • Abdul Gani

    can any one let me know what xctly is done first
    Flashing or rooting
    can i do rooting after flashing or flashing needs to be done first then rooting

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      First, flash a firmware using Odin. Then flash the root kernel (cf-root one, that is) over the firmware. Btw, if you do not want a new firmware, you can flash the root directly too.

  • Henry Cadena

    I need some help. I bougth the Galaxy S3 on Movistar… now the icons are blue… how can I have the original theme of the Galaxy S3… I dont want that blue icons on the phone… I tried to reboot it.. I dont want the go theme I just want the original stuff… what can I do.. thanks…

  • Layman

    I am new to Android, just got my s3 a week back, when i connected to kies, a new firmware update shows to me, if i update thru kies on that pops, do i have to follow above instructions, and will it flash whole rom / or its just patch not full firmware bit confused in that please explain. Tx.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      The firmware in the guide is a full firmware. Patch updates come only through Kies/on the phone. Manually the entire firmware has to be flashed, but doesn’t wipe data (except in some cases where the boot up gets stuck and you need to wipe it)..

  • ben

    can i follow this tutorial even if my GSS3 is flased with cyanogenmod.9 ?

  • Flin

    You will brick you device by following this tutorial, do NOT choose the .md5 file but the .tar file instead!

  • Denis

    is this international version???????

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Yes. It’s only for international version.

      • Denis

        one more question
        after I connected my sgs3 to pc, i opened samsung kies programe and it shows that this device does not support software(firmware) updates, why is that so?

        • eliahajelias

          because the CSC code has changed from the original you need to find which CSC you need try *#272*IMEI* and choose the right one for your device and your problem will be solved

          • moataz

            this important to intsall kise to do this change ?? i mean to get back my kernel version ?