i9250 Passes Through FCC. Lets Discuss the Next Nexus Device.

A Samsung device, codenamed i9250 — FYI, Galaxy S is i9000 and Galaxy S II is i9100 — has just passed though the FCC gates — hinting us secretly that there are indeed two Nexus devices. And guess what, the i9250 has bands one would need to be compatible with T-Mobile and AT&T networks in US.

Although it’s getting very very confusing regarding how many nexus phones are there and if there are more than one, which one is for which region/carrier — and we think you could use some words of ours on this.

So, lets discuss prospective names and release region of the next nexus device.

Well, we believe the SCH-i515 codenamed device that cleared FCC months before is the Nexus for Verizon and the one above, i9250, is for the rest of world — that is, outside of US and including other carriers in US, like T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.

Now about the name, Verizon could use the Droid Prime because Droid is very very popular brand is US and Verizon will always want to use the Droid tag it owns (not Google!!). But we know that while other 3 major carriers is US — AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint — have their own Galaxy S2 phones, Verizon lacks one and if it chooses Galaxy Nexus as the name for SCH-i515, it will get the carrier best of two worlds — and very strong brand names — of Galaxy and Nexus brands. So, for Verizon it’s between Galaxy Nexus and Droid Prime. I would vote for Galaxy Nexus because Verizon can use the Droid brand with DROID RAZR (also called Droid HD) which is a good specced-up phone too, with 1.5 GHz dual-core phone and HD screen.

So, for the rest of world, it seems the next nexus will be called Nexus Prime — which is totally cool!

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    is it 1.5 exynos or 1.2 OMAP ?

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