HTC Zeta Specs Leak — Is this the HTC’s Flagship Phone for 2012?


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  • Arnab Dutta

    it should be launched with android 6.0 key lemon pie !!

  • Arnab Dutta

    any informtion on battery life and power

  • HTC

    I seriously hope this phone is real, it is the only phone I would trade my HTC HD2 running android 4.0.3 for.

  • Dragan Milenkovic

    It’s not thick enough. I like a phone I can hold with only one hand and use it without dropping it due to the phone being too thin. What truley is remarkable is the width and height of it. I consider all other phones on the market nowadays being too large. You can’t really operate them comfortably with one hand. This on the other hand is even smaller then my old Desire, wich I still cling on to since all the new phones are like iPads. It still packs a huge screen wich is the truley remarkable thing. Look at that screen going all the way to the edges, leaving just enough space for some capacitive keys and a slim speaker. That’s the future right there!

  • Baldesari

    Weight of HTC phones is due to metal rather than plastic esp for rear and that is what makes them feel so much more SOLID! Thin at 9.8 is good but a little diaappointing althogh the Zeta is thinner and MUCH prettier than the ugly & clumsy othe ICM phone by HTC…

    • Moosa Mahsoom

      My HTC Wildfire S is the most solid phone i have felt in it’s class. But, one problem i fae now would be that the plastic chasis is starting to come off.

  • Masked Guest

    Hah.. Sounds funny on this gadget, where a big spoon scoops a small cup.

    This is where the Speed circumscribed with the Memory (RAM) .. 

    Another odd, i am not certain HTC Zeta will durable for a day –‘

    But i personally love the HTC Zeta’s Design. :x

  • Lorik Fetahu

    just realse soon cuz it’s awsome can’t wait to buy this phone and there is no compare with him till now …

    • Kapil

      Yes… till now.

      More devices will be out soon — either rumored or announced — so it will be interesting to see how quickly HTC is able to release it, before competition waked up and comes up with even better offers.

      Anyway, if nothing else, SE’s Xperia Arc HD at 1.5 GHz dual core processor already looks behind.

      Moreover, Samsung has already unveiled its Exynos quad-core chip, so it’s likely that quad-core Galaxy S3 is in plans, and might get announced in CES in early January.

  • Cdylanwhitten

    wow if htc would get it togather they could have a good phone but u can have all the cores in the world but with such small ram u still arent getting anywere

    • Kapil

      1GB is good but yes, I agree with you — it looks dated, and a little bit out of sorts with rest of specs, which make Zeta a masterpiece.