HTC Rezound Bloatware Removal Tool ─ CleanTOOL 1.1


Ever wondered how you could get rid of all those preinstalled apps and packages that come with the HTC Rezound, and just keep the ones that you use??

As Tony Montana says ─ Say hello to my little friend, CleanTOOL 1.1. This is a quick little script written by XDA developer scrosler which cleans up all the baggage on the Rezound. The script uses temp root to disable the packages listed below. Removed crap will NOT come back on a reboot! They are gone until you hard reset the phone, which will re-install these packages again.

Packages disabled

  • Adobe Reader
  • Block Buster
  • NFL
  • Golf
  • Kindle
  • Slacker
  • HTC Set Up
  • Polaris Office
  • App Sharing
  • FaceBook
  • Flicker
  • NFS
  • MY Verizon
  • VCast Music
  • VCast Video
  • Video Surf
  • VZ Nav
  • Back Up Assistance
  • Scan
  • Twitter

Usage Instructions

  1. Install HTC USB Sync Drivers if not already installed
  2. Download package from download link and extract to your desktop
  3. Reboot phone with Fastboot OFF (Power settings)
  4. Dismount USB storage (Charge Only Mode)
  5. Enable USB debugging (Applications Settings)
  6. Connect Device
  7. Run “CleanTOOL”

Enjoy bloat free goodness!

The script can be modified to suit your preference, since not everyone considers all of these packages as bloat and may want to keep some of them. To learn more about how to modify the script, and track updates, you can visit the development thread at XDA → here’s the link to OP.

Download CleanTool 1.1 here

If you like this tool, and want to appreciate the developers work through a donation, you can visit this link

Do let us know your Rezound experience after using this tool, in comments below.




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