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HTC Rezound Bloatware Removal Tool ─ CleanTOOL 1.1


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  • http://profiles.google.com/itsumademootaku CJ Mitchell

    I know this post is a bit old, but… The ICS update just came out from Verizon and apparently one of the mods Verizon made to the OS was to prevent stripping out all the bloatware…grrr. Since I don’t want to root I’d like to run CleanTOOL but I am a little unsure how to do it since the ICS settings don’t have USB debugging as an option. Any suggestions/answers on this one?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/GQEGIGR52A3MZSNBEARL62V7D4 Rosa

    It didnt work on my phone.  Do you have to root the phone first? Or unlock it using the HTC homepage first?

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      You need to root your phone to be able to use this, and for root, you need to unlock first from HTC’s site – htcdev.com. Search on Google to find yourself a good tutorial for both unlocking bootloader of HTC Rezound using htcdev.com and then, rooting the Rezound.

  • Madhav

    Glad to know it worked for you folks!!

  • Unab0mb

    I also have a suggestion… I would allow the use to pick what apps to kill and leav others. For instance I work for Verizon. And at the point of sale I like to show the customer that you are able to use the My Verizon wiget to insure your not going over your data allowance. I know the coding would be a lot of work for a freeware program. But like I said just a suggestion. Oh and FYI. I reloaded the OS on my phone and set my email up BEFORE running clean tool and it works great! A work around but effective. Thanks for all of you hard work!

  • Unab0mb

    App worked great. Freed up about 300mb of ram and removed all of the apps it said it would. However… My Exchange email would not finalize. It would go all the way until you hit finish. At that Point, it would tell me that the mail could not be set up at this time please try again later. On WiFi and 4G. Also, my Camera stopped working. Closes with out a force close popup after it opens. That is all. Thanks!

  • Carrie

    Okay I ran it on on mine and it seemed to have taken the apps off but now my phone keep turning off before it’s even loaded… I can’t even go in and reset my phone… It doesn’t stay on long enough before is powers off and reboots… Now what am I suppose to do???

    • Carrie

      So I figured out how to do a hard reset… Alittle bummed I have to redo everything on my phone… Do you know why it would have done that?

  • Total Creation

    The script appears to have run successfully. However the programs are still there after restarting my phone.   

    • not amused

      Same thing on mine. The icons have been removed, but they are still on the applications list, and some are still running.

      • Total Creation

        I ran it 4 times I think.  It finally worked.   

  • jesus2.lopez

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