HTC Phablet device is One X 5, not the Droid Incredible X!

HTC One X 5 or HTC Droid Incredible X

Okay, so the supposedly Verizon Wireless bound upcoming HTC phablet, which we knew as HTC Droid Incredible X so far, or the HTC Dlx, might turn out to be HTC One X 5 — which is cool.

Here’s why? The One series is pretty good (and remarkably revamped), right from hardware to software and underlines the new HTC — a firm believer (finally!) in slick UI (sense 4.0, that is) and slim devices (One X:8.9mm and One S: 7.8mm); a complete change from the company’s devices and its UI from 2011, which an HTC official himself accepted, were thick (for devices) and simply too much bloatware (as regards software).

So, if the HTC latest assault on Android market, the HTC One X 5 is what we will call it now, is a member of the now-famous One series, that can only be one very good news. Even so much that it makes sense to sacrifice the Verizon-owned DROID brand name, we’d say.

Even though it’s not the official pic of the HTC One X 5 (if it’s that at all), the render does look good enough to us, and the use of beats audio at the back and the camera and overall design of the HTC One X 5 above do look fitting.

There’s not stylus thing here, folks, for it seems HTC thinks you won’t need it on a 5-inch device, contrary to  what Samsung thinks for its 5.3 incher Galaxy Note and 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2. Heck, there are already rumors of Samsung planning a Galaxy S4, with 5-inch display, for launch in MWC in February 2013 — and that won’t have stylus either. But would that have a One X 5 matching 1080p display with 481 PPI display? We think so.

Btw, just in case the name left you wondering where are the HTC One X 2, One X 3 or One X 4, well, this being a phablet device, it suits it well to borrow its naming scheme from tablets game — where these sort of names are kind of essential to identify a device: Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab 7, Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, etc.

Anyway, we are not far from knowing the official name and branding and all of this ultra handsome looking, 5-inch 1080p display and quad-core S4 processor equipped (as whispered) HTC device, as we fully expect this device to go official on company’s Wednesday event where we think it would be simply irresistible for even the HTC guys to keep this device more of secret.

What do you say, HTC One X 5, or the HTC Droid incredible X?

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  1. trob6969 says: Reply

    I hope its not One X 5 because that would probably mean the phone is likely not to have expandable memory OR a swappable battery…to me its just plain stupid to sacrifice those two features just to have a phone that’s a fraction thinner.

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