HTC Merge LTE and Incredible LTE in works?

LTE, that’s what is making HTC Thunderbolt delay again, is said to be in the process of making its way onto another HTC handsets, HTC Merge and the HTC Incredible 2. Hopefully, the battery draining issues are fully coped with and that, there are no serious delays for the Merge and the Incredible 2.

We know you’re quite curious about what lets us believe in the LTE chips-fitted Merge and Incredible 2, Well, have a nice look at the pic (leaked screenshot from Verizon inventory) at top, which reveals two listings for both the phones, instead of just one. The additional listing mentions the code EHRPD — which is in fact a technical word that belongs of LTE industry. More knowledge gaining info, here and here. Plus, there’s another code, TRIA, which might simply mean that the device is under trial. Combine all this up and you get a feeling that Merge and Incredible 2 may be on the road to LTE.

So, we’ve Motorola Mobility on one hand, working die hard to raise the bar with software — bringing Webtop support for all upcoming Motorola phones and looking forward to increased security on android. And, on the other hand, there is an old friend — makers of G1, G2 and Nexus One — HTC, which has taken the hardware route to bring more and more to android. Cool, isn’t it?

Via Droid-Life

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