HTC G2 Overclocked To 1.9 Ghz, Quadrant Score of 3004+ Laughs at All Other Scores Ever


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  • ofnsf

    Nexus S w/ CM7 % Trinitty kernel marks 5000+.. Too bad I can’t just download an extra core :D

  • 10983n8

    nexus s 4g cyanogenmod , overclock netarchy 1.2 runs 35xx all day long…g2 what?

  • Milestide25

    my MT4G at 1.8 Ghz hits 4055. and I might add with no additional hacking. and it’s noteworthy that this is just a single core phone. :)

  • Jrn0581

     Aww, thats cute.  My galay S hits 3500+ all day oc’d to 1.5ghz
    Quad means nothing ya know.

  • Ray

    And my G Tablet (not overclocked) hits 3300. And that doesn’t even use the second core of the Tegra 2. :) Pretty sure we’ll see 4000+ Quadrant scores on Tegra 2 devices at some point.

  • Chris

    Thats poor. My vibrant at 1.4 hits 3198.