HTC Desire HD gets Sense 3.0 via Pyramid ROM Port

Developers are sensational and that’s why we like them so much. HTC latest version of it custom UI, Sense 3.0 has been creating lots of talks in the recent days — ever since it was showcased on the latest unveiled and upcoming HTC device ‘the Sensation’. Not only the users of other HTC phones want it badly but even those coming from Arcs and Galaxy S devices have done their bit in the forums to seek their fav devs attention to porting it. Personally, I thought the battle will be between the devs of Desire, Desire HD and EVO 4G (whether these guys are same or not) to bring it first, and it looks like we have a winner — it’s the HTC Desire HD, who got an HTC Pyramid ROM ported first of all beating other HTC phones.

Well, fate’s fate, your HTC/other phone is in line too — so just don’t cry or blame anyone, indeed watch your fav devs fav space — the XDA Forums, particular section of your phone development.

Those who’re interesting in trying out the Pyramid ROM and the Sense UI 3.0 on their Desire HD, follow this link to XDA thread where you’ll get the most precious download link in the world for your phone. Be warned that it’s risky and is not meant for beginners, you may brick your phone.

Via XDA Forums

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