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How To Unlock Bootloaders on your Xperia Arc, Play, Neo and Pro


Xperia Arc, Play, Neo and Pro


UPDATE: Before you proceed, please visit this link to check if your phone’s boot loader can be unlocked or not?

NOTE: If the light above the USB port on your phone doesn’t turn blue when you connect your phone using the USB cable to your PC while holding the “MENU” button (on Xperia Arc. For Xperia Play – “SEARCH” button), then it means that you cannot connect to fastboot, and hence you cannot unlock the boot loader.

Here’s a Step by Step guide (w/ video) on how to unlock bootloaders on your Xperia Arc, Play, Neo & Pro.

[info]Although this guide is made using Xperia arc, I can assure that it would work perfectly with Xperia Play, Neo & Pro too.

NOTE: Xperia Play users should press the “Search” button instead of “Menu” button in Step 8th of this tutorial.[/info]

[warning]The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to you or your device, we won’t be held liable. You only will be responsible — you’ve been warned. Okay![/warning]




For better understanding, I highly recommend you to watch the above video along with the instructions below:

  1. Download ‘Unlock Xperia Arc Bootloaders.zip’ file → here (link fixed)
  2. Extract the file you downloaded above on your PC. You’ll get the following three files:
    1. drivers.zip
    2. fastboot_with_Android_USB_file.zip
    3. unlockbootloader.sonyericsson.com
  3. Click/DoubleClick on the internet shortcut file you got in Step 2.3 “unlockbootloader.sonyericsson.com”.
    1. This will open a web page in your default browser. Scroll to the bottom of the Instructions on the page and you’ll see a link like “Continue”, click on it.
    2. In the pop-up window click “Yes, I’m sure” and then in the next window click on both the checkboxes, and then click “I accept”.
  4. Now insert the details as per the instructions:
    1. First 14 digits of your IMEI No. Do NOT enter the last digit (15th) in the box. To know your IMEI No. dial *#06# on your Xperia Arc.
    2. Your name.
    3. Your Email address.
    4. Then click on “Submit
  5. You’ll get a KEY to unlock boot loader. Write it down somewhere you can remember, it will be used later.
  6. Switch off your phone.
  7. Now extract the “fastboot_with_Android_USB_file.zip” file you got in Step 2.2.
  8. Pick up your phone (it must be switched off) and hold the “Menu” button (the key at the bottom right of your phone), now while holding the “Menu” button connect your phone to your PC with an USB cable.
  9. Once connected — the LED light near the phone’s USB plug will turn blue. If it doesn’t — repeat the Step 8.
  10. Now to install the drivers do the following:
    1. Extract the “drivers.zip” file you got in Step 2.1
    2. Open “Device Manager” on your PC and look for  “S1Boot Fastboot” under the head “Other devices
    3. Right-click on “S1Boot Fastboot” and select “Update Driver Software…
    4. Now select “Browse my computer for driver software” and select the folder where you’ve extracted all the three files you got in Step 2. Once done — click Ok.
    5. Now click Next (Make sure you’ve ticked the “Include subfolders” checkbox).
    6. If you see any Windows security warning box, don’t worry . Just select “Install this driver software anyway
    7. Wait for “Windows has successfully updated your driver software” message to appear on your screen. Now click Close.
  11. Open the “fastboot” folder from the file we extracted in Step 7.
  12. Now hold Shift and press mouse right click (Shift + Mouse Right Click) anywhere on the empty white space inside the “fastboot” folder. And then select “Open command window here” from the context menu.
  13. Now in the command prompt window type/paste the following:

    fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version

  14. It should return a value like “0.3”. This ensures that your device is correctly connected.
  15. Now type/paste the following line in the command prompt window:

    fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY

    IMPORTANT! Replace the word “KEY” from the above line with the KEY that you received in Step 5. Then hit Enter.

  16. Now wait for the process to complete. Command prompt will show a “Finished” message when it will be completed.
  17. Once it’s done, disconnect the USB cable from your phone and switch it ON.
  18. Your phone’s boot loader should now be unlocked.

This guide was made using the quick tutorial posted by XDA developer lollylost100. Please consider donating him for his efforts using the button below:

Donate lollylost100

And to thank us for this guide you can leave us a comment :)

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    i want to make unlock my phone what should i do please can you help me it’s lock my sim card and i cannot use my phone (my phone i bought it from japan arc is11s )i need your advice please i’m from egypt i have the same band gsm 900

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    Failed remote : oem unlock failed if you have this error you should double check your IMEI code

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    plaese help ? thanks in advance 

    • Shreyas

      i have the same problem!! did you try to figure it out???

      • Afroz Khan

        you have to go the folder where you have extracted fastboot.zip contents, press ‘SHIFT’ key and then right click in the background of the folder and select ‘Open command prompt here’ and then run the command. It should work fine now.

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  • Apple or Android

    I only have an Imac which doesn’t recognize my Sony if I put the USB cable in it, I switched once from Apple to Android and the first phone I bought from Sony, they “forget” to put an installation method with it to connect to Apple users….lol….burning this plastic feeling device as we speak…. IF you are screaming Android is better than Apple, let’s give apple users the oppurtunity to test it decently, there is no way I can unlock my bootloader now.

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    I’m on the xperia neo v and i followed these steps exactly, i get the right  return value, however when i enter the second command it says 
    (bootloader) Unlock phone requested
    FAILED (remote: oem unlock failed!)
    finished. total time: 0.003s
    What am i doing wrong?

    • Polivkazbynek87

      I think, someone mentioned it here before…try to generate another unlock-code, maybe it will help. its a bit strange, but tho code is changing.

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      Flash a new firmware and then don’t root it.

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    OK guys. For those who have the same error like me: Failed remote : oem unlock failedI have found a soulution that worked for me. Its simple, I just re-generate the unlock code again! It was different than previous one, but it WORKED! 

    • Polivkazbynek87

       Really? I have done the code just one time and using it…it works normaly. But good to know it works for you!

      • Anonymous

        Really. As u can see, this error appears sometimes and people doesnt know the solution as well as me. But I tried re-generate a code again and it worked for me.

    • Polivkazbynek87

       Really? I have done the code just one time and using it…it works normaly. But good to know it works for you!

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      I got this too and so do s lot of other people on this forum, i wish someone would find an answer i researched it for like 2 days solid.

      • Polivkazbynek87

        i dont know how exactly, but now i have the bootloader unlocked :-)
        couple times restarted PC and phone, change USB port and than lucky attempt and its done :-)
        but unfotunetly, CM7 doesent work, display in not working correctly, something is moving on it, but i can not open menu or unlock the screensaver, so i have to stay on stock ROM :-/
        and yes, i have checked for which model it is (LT15i), shame…

        • Talibaba777

          do you have clock work recovery?

          • Polivkazbynek87

            not anymore…again the same error, when i want to unlock the bootloader, couple hours and still no progress  :D

            for Xperia CWM, use “SE Extreme Tweak” aplication ;-)

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  • Deathsdezire

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