How To Root XWJVH Android 2.3.3 ROM for Galaxy S i9000


ODIN Screenshot for applying CF Root on XWJVB

Allright! here’s the guide for rooting XWJVH. I’ve not made any new video for this guide as the rooting process is similar to previous ROM (XWJVB).

[info]This guide is applicable only for Samsung’s Galaxy S international version (i9000). If yours is Vibrant/Captivate/Fascinate/Epic 4G or any other Galaxy S variant, then this ROM — and Guide — is not for you, and that’s for definite.[/info]

Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

CF-Root Installation Video:

So here’s what you need to do to root your XWJVH Android 2.3.3 Firmware for Galaxy S:

  1. Download CF-Root kernel. File name – Download Link [Link updated]
  2. Unzip the above file. You will get the .tar file – “CF-Root-XW_NEE_JVH-v3.2-CWM3RFS.tar”. We will be flashing this .tar file using ODIN to gain root access and install the CWM alongside.
  3. Download Odin. File name – Odin3 v1.7. Download Link. Extract the zip file to get Odin3 1.7.exe. Run Odin by double clicking on it.
  4. Switch Off your phone. Wait for vibration to confirm complete switch off.
  5. Boot your phone in Download Mode — Press and hold “VolumeDOWN + HOME key + POWER button” together.
  6. Connect your phone to PC now. You’ll notice “Added! !” message in the message box.
  7. On Odin, click the “PDA” box and select the .tar file you got in step 2 — CF-Root-XW_NEE_JVH-v3.2-CWM3RFS.tar
  8. Do NOT select any “.pit” file in the “PIT” box, and make sure “Repartition” button is NOT checked.
  9. Leave the “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” buttons checked.
  10. Double check Step 7, 8 & 9.
  11. Click the Start button on Odin to begin installing the CF Root kernel.
  12. After the CF Root is installed, phone will restart.
  13. Your phone is rooted now. Note that surperuser app is there.

ClockworkMod [CWM] Recovery:

To boot into ClockworkMod Recovery — power Off your phone completely and then, press and hold (till Galaxy S logo appears): VolumeUP+HOME+POWER. You’ll enter the CWM recovery. You can use this to:

  • Backup your ROMs
  • Restore backed up ROMs
  • Delete Backups
  • Flash files
  • Flash custom themes
  • Flash kernels (zImage, zImage in TAR, zImage in ZIP, zImage in TAR in ZIP)

CF-Root kernel was created by XDA dev Chainfire, you can visit his original post here. And if you feel like supporting him, use donate button below:

[button link=”″ icon=”” style=””]Donate Chainfire[/button]

So that was it. You can use the comment box below to share your happiness and problems ;)

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  • Fredric QJ Blåholtz

    Great, wasn’t able to get CWM going the usual way.

  • lelisa

    10q its work

  • Guest

    excellent guide…much appreciated!

  • Joakim

    YES I DID IT! Thanks a lot! :)

  • Joakim Engström

    Do you need 7-zip or any other program? And what do you mean with “unzip” the file above? As he does on the video he just “extract here”, and get the .tar file.

  • Brezi

    I tried to rooted my Galaxy S with Android 2.3.3 (XWJVH-*) with your instructions, however the phone restarts as soon as it finishes to boot and typing in the PIN code.

    When I rootet it, it first did not work and the phone got stuck in the download mode:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..

    I did the same as GuestOfHonour to take out the battery and redo the whole procedure. I can access the mode when pressing VolUP+Home+Power, thus the flashing worked.

    How can I fix this restart problem?

  • fahim669

    Just rooted my phone for the first time!! Worked brilliantly, no problems at all! so Thanks BOSS…………………………………………

  • Cyriac Bobby

    when i connect phone to computer in downloading mode, the pc not recognised the phone.. but all other usb devises and phone (normal mode or storage mode) recognising.. what should i do… help me !!

  • QueensGambit

    Yeah I just got stuck in a re-boot loop too

  • Prashant


  • Prashant

    Does the baseband verion have anything to do with this?

    • Kapil

      Yes, build number needs to be same as that of root guide you are looking to follow. What’s your phone’s build number under settings – about phone?

  • Nikolaos

    I did the process again and it worked. I have rooted phone. Thank you.

  • Nikolaos

    I cannot even switch off my phone. It switch off only by talking off the battery

  • Nikolaos

    I did the process but after start it showed failed. Now I cannot switch on my phone. I get an image with a phone and a dektop computer with an exclamation mark in between. Please help. What can I do to restore my phone.

  • Ashuroy75

    its not showing the added messege in messege box …what i do now???

    • Kapil

      Did you install the drivers?

  • Tyuval

    Will it work also on baseband version I9000JHJV9?

    • Kapil

      I wouldn’t recommend this for your firmware. Actually, it might work, but still won’t recommend it.

      Better root your phone with superoneclick root tool, find it here – -This should work well for you. Then install ROM Manager app from android market/play store and install Flash Clockworkmod Recovery using that.

  • Guest of Honor

    The only reason I haven’t tried rooting yet is cause I can’t find some simple info: Do you reset your phone doing this? Only reason I want to root is to back up my applications with Titanium so I don’t lose data but if the rooting itself resets everything there’s no point, is there?

    Just curious cause I’ve seen other roots where there’s no change other than getting root access, which is what I want.

    • Kapil

      Rooting the phone only gets you root access… it doesn’t delete your data or anything. So don’t worry about that at all.

      • Guest of Honor

        Thanks for quite a quick reply mate. Great news. I’ll get on with it then!

        Also reason I will is cause I got a Galaxy SII LTE recently. Any chance root is out for that phone? I live in sweden so it’s the international version I guess.

        • Kapil

          Hey, it’s not for Galaxy S2 LTE. It is only for Galaxy S i9000, on XWJVH firmware. If your phone is S2 LTE, do not use this.

          And I didn’t get your English, man… if you are asking for S2 LTE root, well it is available.

      • Guest of Honor

        As a sidenote, my phone’s been in “Download-mode” for some time now. Odin just says

        Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
        File analysis..

        Nothing has changed. How long is this supposed to take anyhow?

        • Guest of Honor

          Never mind this msg. I switched it off, the icon “phone – ! – computer” was on so I took out the battery. Put it back in, booted “Download-mode” and did all the steps. No prob. My question down there V still remains tho :)

          • Kapil

            I will get you link to S2 LTE root later. I am sure it is available.

          • Guest of Honor

            That’s very nice. Thanks. I’ll keep watching this section for a future comment. Oh, btw, here’s the version:
            GINGERBREAD.XXLC2Baseband: I9210XXLB3
            Android 2.3.6

          • Kapil

            Okies :)

  • First time Rooter

    Just rooted my phone for the first time!! Worked brilliantly, no problems at all! :D
    Thank you for a nice guide and thanks to Chainfire for making the root Kernel!! :D
    WOW! It was so much simpler than i thought!


    First time rooting! And it worked! Thanks man! I was worried I was going to brick my Samsung Galaxy S1. Nice clear instructions. If you don’t wanna brick, then read the instructions carefully.

    • Kapil

      Thnx man. Btw, new firmwares like xxjvs and xxjvu are much better. Search this site for download links and install instructions for both xxjvs and xxjvu.

  • Rakkachi

    works fine thanx

  • Mudhassir

    its not working…

    • Mudhassirk

      plz help..

  • Chaseo21

    Thanks Man worked like a dream, quick, easy and no risk of ruining the phone.
    Good Job :)

  • gregor binder

    hi, worked perfect. thanks

  • Deepak

    Tried doing this – unfortunately, after the first restart, the phone is stuck at the ‘Galaxy S GT-19000′ screen and is not going into the S animation. Please help :(n- D

    • Deepak

      Actually, don’t bother. Re-did the steps. I think I used the wrong TAR file (I know, I know). Phone rooted, couldn’t have been simpler. Thanks so much :)

  • Geo_ihor

    i made a test on my phone and here it comes;
    Build info:wed may 4 18:03:59 KST 2011
    my ROM in Titanium backup i realised that it’s full.just a small space
    left.I’m missing something…Give me your light plz

  • Geo_ihor

    plz somebody give me a hand here.Trying to root i did something wrong and my phone has stuck showing on the screen a small icon of a mobile and computer lined with a ! between them.In andition i can’t restart my phone.Plz help…

    • Kapil

      Your firmware was xxjvh, on which you tried this root, right?

      If nothing else, search xxjvs here and install that firmware. Then, root using the link provided there.

      You’ll be fine, don’t worry.

      • Geo_ihor

        thanks.I’ll try install it

      • Geo_ihor

        i made a test on my phone and here it comes;
        Build info:wed may 4 18:03:59 KST 2011
        Also,checking my ROM in Titanium backup i realised that it’s full.just a small space left.I’m missing something…Give me your light plz

  • gunnar

    Odin  cant find my phone in “downloading”-mode.. only when its on in normal mode.. help pls

  • AcE

    After rooting using this guide is the boot-up sound supposed to be disabled because there is no sound when I turn my i9000 on, it only shows the stock boot animation?

    • Kapil

      Yes, it’s supposed to be like that.

      • AcE

        Thanxs for the reply but is there anyway to put it back, I would prefer to hear the boot-up sound if possible!?

        • Kapil

          None I know of… :(

  • Yazan-imam

    the computer and phone icons with the dashed line between them and a yellow sign on the dashed line. its not working some 1 plz help now i cant turn the phone on and i cant go to download mode

    • Yazan-imam

      please somebody helpp !!

      • Kapil

        Are you in recovery mode?

  • Jad_ipm

    I almost give up after several attempt on rooting and unlocking my SGS. But then I found this blog (and your excellent step-by-step on how to root Android 2.3.3) … and finally, my SGS’s free … ha ha.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Kapil

      You are welcome, bro!

  • Danyap

    hi.. i would like to know whether can i root my samsung galaxy s m110s through the way shown above?

  • Anonymous

    works like a charm :)

  • Christian Pretorius

    awsum thanks…u cousins are genius!!

  • Daniel Hess

    Works Great Thanks!
    But now my battery is not lasting much, I also Chainfire3D, maybe that’s the villan… You guys rock!

  • Venky1893

    i followed these seps and its works like a charm.. but as we heard android 2.3 s officially released for galaxy s .i would like to install that..s it possible for me to ??? how do i go back to 2.2 official version so i can do via kies

    • Kapil

      Install the latest firmware available in your country. The procedure for
      every firmware is same. Find the latest one for your country (froyo or
      gingerbread, your choice) at — download it and install it.
      If you download froyo firmware, Kies should be able to upgrade it to

      • Venky1893

        thank u very much..will try it..

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  • Marc

    Working like a charme the verry first time! Thanks!

  • Kapil

    Make sure you’re trying the root on the XWJVH firmware only. Every root
    works fine only for the firmware with which it’s supposed to work.

    Check your firmware in settings – about phone.

  • Lovenura81

    My galaxy s is all jh1, and stuck in 2.1 – update 1, if I do the flash, will it become 2.3? Thanks.

  • Shivam

    @2de2d0c57c8e36b0b6ab26c65d316e05:disqus You mean you followed instructions on this page —

  • Lunapark

    I just followed the guide, and Odin worked without any problems.

    But unfortunately the phone wont startup, it blinking between blackscreen and the startup text :-(

    But I can enter the recovery menu.
    What could I have been doing wrong?
    And can anyone help me ?

    • Shivam

      If you can enter recovery menu, then try to factory reset your phone.
      Remember it will wipe your data

      • Lunapark

        I just tried it…

        But its doing the same ?

        What to do…

        • Shivam

          Try flashing the ROM again, and then flash CF root again

          • Lunapark

            How do I install the orginal ROM again ?

            Normally I use Samsung Kies, but I guess this wont work this time :-(

          • Shivam

            Well install the original ROM using this guide [link below]


          • Lunapark


            Now Im running again.
            Dont know if I dare try to root again.

            Under settings my code is:
            Does that do anything special ?

          • Shivam

            You most probably wont face any trouble If you follow the rooting guide now.

            And yes it has to be “XWJVH” cuz this rooting guide is for XWJVH firmwares

          • Lunapark

            Evrything is back to normal, and this time the rooting went well , thanks.

          • Shivam

            Follow the instructions carefully. okay!

          • Lunapark

            I just went throgh the guide again, and everything did as before, and the phone ends up with a battery on the display, because its charging via the usb.After I disconnect it keeps changeing between black and text :-(

            This is what Odin says…
            Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
            File analysis..
            Get PIT for mapping..
            Firmware update start..
            All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)

  • Yras30

    thank you

  • Paulina

     I rooted this one on my phone but discovered to my disapointment that i can’t reed my texts anymore, it’s just a loocker and an cirkular arrow in the field where the text should be…. and i tried go around the problem by checking in the phones instalations but nothing is helping me… do you know how i can solve this problem? 

  • Lukazg

    When i download CF-Root kernel i get file ”zImage” and not “CF-Root-XW_NEE_JVH-v3.2-CWM3RFS.tar”. What’s with that?

    • Shivam

       Read the instructions carefully. You only have to extract the “.zip” file from the link given above.

      Do NOT extract the “.tar” file. Okay!

  • E Jong

    i keep gettin zimage file

    • Shivam

       Read the instructions carefully. You only have to extract the “.zip” file from the link given above.

      Do NOT extract the “.tar” file. Okay!

  • Bojan Djordjevic

     Is there a lagfix for this one?

  • Paulo

    worked very well for me thanks alot! :D 

    • Kapil

      Thank you, man!

  • Z01

     Is it ok to use Odin3 1.3, since I have Windows x64?

  • Zahid_jawed

    its not working for me…phone is getting restarted again n again..plz tell me how to revert back …??

  • New SGS User

     Sorry but I’m very new to this.

    Can you tell me how I can install Voodoo lagfix on my SGS 2.3.3 XWJVH which I just rooted thanks to your guide? It’s all very confusing and I would love a step-by-step guide!

  • Shivam

     Thank goodness it worked for both of you :)

    and @6004df265d03d67c2e85cde29eeacba6:disqus there’s no sound because it’s not included in the kernel. Can’t help.

    • Bernardouk2006

      Ok it doesnt matter its something silly thanks again hurrayyyy :) 

  • Shivam

    @87abdc01169fe84bf7589ffd2690ecd7:disqus @6004df265d03d67c2e85cde29eeacba6:disqus Okay flash this kernel (NEE_JVH-v3.2) download from here —

    • Bernardouk2006

      so we repeat the process of installing the kernel as normal?? 

      • Shivam


        If that doesn’t work then flash the whole ROM (JVH) again, and then flash this Cf-Root kernel. I’m sorry for the trouble :(

        • Bernardouk2006

          nooo need to be sorryyy!!!!! man thanks for being so helpful

          Thanks alot 

        • Bernardouk2006

          Its working, thank you very much. this might seem a noob question but why doesnt the start up music play everytime you install Cf-root kernel?? 

        • Tojjer

           No trouble, just glad you guys are doing what you are for us all.
          Thank you

    • Tojjer

       Thank you, worked perfectly.

  • Tojjer

    I’m getting the reboot loop now I flashed that link kernel. :-(

    • Shivam

       Oh no! I’m so sorry for the mistake.. wait I’m fixing it. Don’t do anything else to your phone till then. Sorry Again!

    • Bernardouk2006

      yeah thats whats happening to me, what do we have to do now?? 

  • Tojjer

    Also, that link takes you to XEE_JB 3.1, not  NEE_JVH3.2

  • Bernardouk2006

     this kernel makes the phone restart every time you try to turn on wi-fi is there a possible way to go back without “root” because i prefer to wait for a stable kernel or something

  • Tojjer

    Thank you. You sir, are a diamond.

  • Bernardouk2006

    Thankkk youuuuu