How To Root HTC Sensation XL [GUIDE]


The recently launched HTC Sensation XL has finally received a permanent root for devices with unlocked boot loader, that means if you’ve not unlocked your Sensation XL’s boot loader yet, then you’ll only have a temporary root on your phone which will be removed once your phone is rebooted.

To root your HTC Sensation XL you will need a few applications and files:

  1. The most important, the root kit/tools, which you can downloaded from here
  2. The necessary drivers which you can get from here

Now here’s the rooting procedure:

  1. Enable USB debugging on your device from Settings > Applications > Development
  2. Plug your device to your pc via the usb cable, make sure its in “Charge Only” mode
  3. Open and extract the ‘downloaded .zip’ file and click “Runme.bat”
Do’s and don’ts:
  • As mentioned earlier this is only a temporary root if your phone’s boot loader is locked, so you will need to do the procedure all over if you reboot your phone.
  • To get the best out of the root, update the Superuser app, and then update binaries via super user update fix app from android market
And now that we’ve the root, it won’t take long for ClockworkMod Recovery to release, so keep your fingers crossed and make sure to check-in with us from time-to-time to get the latest updates.

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  1. Damian Nunn90 says: Reply

    HTC….I have had 5 HTC sensation’s in the space of 12 months and after my final complaint and the insurance company being sick of my voice i was offered any phone on the market. I thought id give HTC one last chance and got the sensation XL….im now in the process of sending it back to the insurance company as the entire screen has died, so along with HTC not putting in any external phone storage and not being able to convert the phone from charge to USB as i cant see the screen, everything on my phone will be erased. Thanks again HTC from another satisfied customer!

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