How To Restore ASUS Transformer TF300T Back To Stock


The ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T has quite a lot of custom ROMs available for it in the custom Android development community. However, a common problem many face with these custom ROMs is that after flashing them, the tablet loses all the 3G features. In order to use those, one must flash back to an official stock firmware by ASUS.

The guide below will walk you through the steps required to flash back to a stock firmware. You can use the guide for either going back to a stock firmware to get 3G features working or for just returning to stock from a custom ROM.

Continue reading to find how you can restore your ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T to stock firmware.


This guide is applicable only for Asus Transformer TF300T. DO NOT try this on any other device.


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to your device, we won’t be held liable.

How to Restore ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T to Stock Firmware

  1. [Important] Backup everything on your tablet to your computer as this process will wipe everything on your tablet. Use this Android backup guide to find out how you can back up apps and data such as contacts and messages.
  2. Download the stock firmware from ASUS’s official website. On the website, select Android in the OS drop down menu, then select Firmware, and download the latest firmware for your SKU.
    [Important!] Download the firmware that matches the SKU of your device. To check your device’s SKU, do this:

    1. On the tablet, go into Settings » About tablet. Then, check the Build number.
    2. If the build number starts with “TW”, your SKU is TW. Similarly, if your build number starts with “US”, you must download the firmware for the US SKU.
  3. Extract the downloaded firmware file. You will get another archive file. Extract this one as well to get several files. One of these files will be named “blob”, which is the one we need to use.
  4. Install the Android SDK by following the guide → here.
  5. Download fastboot.
    Download Fastboot  |  Filename:
  6. Extract the file to the C: drive on your computer to get a folder named Fastboot with four files inside it.
  7. Copy the blob file obtained in step 3 (after extracting firmware file) to the Fastboot folder on C drive. You should have 5 files in the Fastboot folder now.
  8. Shut down the tablet. Hold Power + Vol Down buttons until a message appears saying “Press Vol. Up to enter RCK (5s)”. However, DO NOT press the Volume Up button. Instead, wait for 5 seconds till a new menu appears. Then, in less than 10 seconds, press Volume Down once to highlight the USB icon, then press the Volume Up button to validate. Remember, you must do this in 10 seconds otherwise the tablet will boot into Android and you’ll have to redo the step.
  9. Open Command Prompt on your computer from Start » All Programs » Accessories (or open Start menu, type cmd and press the Enter button).
  10. Now, type the following commands in command prompt to flash the stock ROM, pressing Enter after each command.
    1. cd c:Fastboot
    2. fastboot devices (this is to ensure the phone gets detected. A string of numbers and letters should appear if the phone is properly detected)
    3. fastboot -i 0x0B05 flash system blob
  11. NOTE: The flashing procedure may fail a few times. If it does fail, simply redo step 10.3 i.e type in the same command again, till it works and flashes the firmware.
  12. After the stock firmware is flashed, you’ll get a finished/OKAY message in command prompt.
  13. Now, type fastboot -i 0x0B05 reboot in the command prompt to reboot the tablet into the newly flashed stock firmware.

Your ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T is now running a stock firmware and has been fully restored to stock, with working 3G (in case it wasn’t working before due to a custom ROM). Let us know how it works!

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  1. Dhruv Johar says: Reply

    Will this work on Asus Transformer TF101?

    1. Sebastiaan Franken says: Reply

      If you download the correct firware, then yes

  2. Garipito says: Reply

    This is the only way i could downgrade thank very much you r the best 😛 from ASUS TF700 JB

  3. Dan says: Reply

    This tablet has clockwork recovery, doesn’t give me USB option, just auto rolls into clockwork recovery, how can I get it so I can use fastbook to push stock?

    1. Omega Recon says: Reply

      Continue to hold down the vol down, and power button until you see all 4 icons. One of them being your USB icon. Hit your vol down to scroll to the USB. To highlight it, hit the vol up button. There you can get into your .

  4. Morten Frederiksen says: Reply

    Thank you very much. You made my day.

  5. Helioglyphics says: Reply

    OMG you seriously have no idea how much RESPECT I have for you right now! I bricked my TF300 and seriously thought that was the end for it… then I seen this page and everything you laid out was easy to understand, and worked PERFECTLY!!! My tab is back online and you Sir are a GOD!!! Thank you so much!

    1. mad_rao says: Reply

      Glad it worked out for you. In most cases, there is always a way to recover Android devices from a soft-bricked state, Cheers!

  6. Derpo McHerp says: Reply

    On a TF 101, but am having trouble with the 8th step. The only thing I get after not pressing UP for RCK is an option to memory wipe. UP to wipe and DOWN to cancel and cold boot. Any way past this?

  7. Aslam Kamal says: Reply

    Great..! Thanks for the info.. had screwed up with some custom ROM and wanted to revert back..

  8. Michael says: Reply

    Does this also fix hard bricks?

  9. Nick says: Reply

    I can’t download the anymore. Found some other ones, but none with 4 files… Can you give an alternative link? Thanks!

    1. Abhijeet Mishra says: Reply

      Here you go:

  10. Alfred says: Reply

    Great and Fantastic!! it work for my Asus Memo Pad Smart 10 ME301T as well!!!! my tablet is back from bricked!!! sir, take my salute!!

  11. Benoit Geiregat says: Reply

    Thanks boy, i was on Cyanogen 10.1 and i return on 4.2 stock firmware with your explications 😉 (i have making it on Windows 8 32 bits) 🙂

  12. Gabriel says: Reply

    When I Hold Power + Vol Down buttons until a message appears saying “Press Vol. Up to enter RCK (5s)”.It never changes, I have only 3 options: RCK, ANDROID & WIPE DATA. My ASUS TF300T freeze in the startup in te ASUS logo because I tried to change te resolution with LCD Density and it never reboots again. Is there another thing I can do? I rooted it the day before I tried to change the density… Thanks

  13. Aurimas says: Reply

    Hi, Can anyone give an alternative link for Thanks!

  14. Yohan says: Reply

    My tablet is unlocked (says in the top left corner) and I did a factory reset; now, I can’t access anything (even power and vol. down does not work) can you help please!

  15. falcon7204 says: Reply

    One important step you left out – after selecting the USB icon in the bootloader, you MUST connect the USB cable from the TF300T to the PC.

    Otherwise you won’t be able to install or flash anything. 🙂

  16. Great stuff but the USB icon doesn’t appear on my TF300T. Tried from Win7_64 and Debian 7, just keeps hanging (point 10.3) at “sending ‘system’ (800931 KB)…”.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks a bunch, have great hopes!

    1. Never mind, just had to try a whole bunch of times at point 10.3.

      What wasn’t clear to me as to how long the flashing should take.

      Here are my timings:

      erasing ‘system’…

      OKAY [ 2.734s]

      sending ‘system’ (800931 KB)…

      OKAY [161.446s]

      writing ‘system’…

      OKAY [154.982s]

      finished. total time: 316.455s

      So if “sending ‘system'” takes more than two minutes, try again.

      Many many many thanks!!!

  17. brian says: Reply

    I am not sure which build i am on. The build on my tablet says JB@ov03 There is no firmware version for that build. Can anyone directy me which one am i suppose to download?

  18. Alex says: Reply

    Hello, i dont have the USB, just rck, android and wipe thing, what to do ?

  19. Just wondering how you would find the SKU, I’ve bought mine in North America, but don’t want to risk flashing the wrong region SKU on.

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