How To Restore ASUS Transformer TF300T Back To Stock


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  • Alex

    Hello, i dont have the USB, just rck, android and wipe thing, what to do ?

  • brian

    I am not sure which build i am on. The build on my tablet says JB@ov03 There is no firmware version for that build. Can anyone directy me which one am i suppose to download?

  • Richard Reijmers

    Great stuff but the USB icon doesn’t appear on my TF300T. Tried from Win7_64 and Debian 7, just keeps hanging (point 10.3) at “sending ‘system’ (800931 KB)…”.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks a bunch, have great hopes!

    • Richard Reijmers

      Never mind, just had to try a whole bunch of times at point 10.3.

      What wasn’t clear to me as to how long the flashing should take.

      Here are my timings:

      erasing ‘system’…

      OKAY [ 2.734s]

      sending ‘system’ (800931 KB)…

      OKAY [161.446s]

      writing ‘system’…

      OKAY [154.982s]

      finished. total time: 316.455s

      So if “sending ‘system'” takes more than two minutes, try again.

      Many many many thanks!!!

  • falcon7204

    One important step you left out – after selecting the USB icon in the bootloader, you MUST connect the USB cable from the TF300T to the PC.

    Otherwise you won’t be able to install or flash anything. :-)

  • Yohan

    My tablet is unlocked (says in the top left corner) and I did a factory reset; now, I can’t access anything (even power and vol. down does not work) can you help please!

  • Aurimas

    Hi, Can anyone give an alternative link for Thanks!

  • Gabriel

    When I Hold Power + Vol Down buttons until a message appears saying “Press Vol. Up to enter RCK (5s)”.It never changes, I have only 3 options: RCK, ANDROID & WIPE DATA. My ASUS TF300T freeze in the startup in te ASUS logo because I tried to change te resolution with LCD Density and it never reboots again. Is there another thing I can do? I rooted it the day before I tried to change the density… Thanks

  • Benoit Geiregat

    Thanks boy, i was on Cyanogen 10.1 and i return on 4.2 stock firmware with your explications ;) (i have making it on Windows 8 32 bits) :)

  • Alfred

    Great and Fantastic!! it work for my Asus Memo Pad Smart 10 ME301T as well!!!! my tablet is back from bricked!!! sir, take my salute!!

  • Nick

    I can’t download the anymore. Found some other ones, but none with 4 files… Can you give an alternative link? Thanks!

  • Michael

    Does this also fix hard bricks?

  • Aslam Kamal

    Great..! Thanks for the info.. had screwed up with some custom ROM and wanted to revert back..

  • Derpo McHerp

    On a TF 101, but am having trouble with the 8th step. The only thing I get after not pressing UP for RCK is an option to memory wipe. UP to wipe and DOWN to cancel and cold boot. Any way past this?

  • Helioglyphics

    OMG you seriously have no idea how much RESPECT I have for you right now! I bricked my TF300 and seriously thought that was the end for it… then I seen this page and everything you laid out was easy to understand, and worked PERFECTLY!!! My tab is back online and you Sir are a GOD!!! Thank you so much!

    • mad_rao

      Glad it worked out for you. In most cases, there is always a way to recover Android devices from a soft-bricked state, Cheers!

  • Morten Frederiksen

    Thank you very much. You made my day.

  • Dan

    This tablet has clockwork recovery, doesn’t give me USB option, just auto rolls into clockwork recovery, how can I get it so I can use fastbook to push stock?

    • Omega Recon

      Continue to hold down the vol down, and power button until you see all 4 icons. One of them being your USB icon. Hit your vol down to scroll to the USB. To highlight it, hit the vol up button. There you can get into your .

  • Garipito

    This is the only way i could downgrade thank very much you r the best :P from ASUS TF700 JB

  • Dhruv Johar

    Will this work on Asus Transformer TF101?

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      If you download the correct firware, then yes