How to Port MIUI 4, XDA’er Explains


MIUI 4 is the latest version of the famous MIUI ROM, based on Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0, that brings a unique experience with quite a lot of nifty features to different devices. It has been adding a new device to its repertoire pretty regularly since development started. However, with MIUI’s decision to not support phones that will not be getting official Ice Cream Sandwich updates from their manufactures, the only option for owners of such phones is unofficial ports of the ROM, which come out quite regularly thanks to developers on the XDA community.

And now, you can port MIUI 4 over to your device from any other device yourself by doing a little reading, thanks to a detailed and helpful guide written by XDA modder proxuser. Starting off with a CM9 or AOSP based ICS ROM as a base, you can port MIUI 4 over to your phone by following the instructions posted. It’s suggested to start off with an ICS ROM for your own phone for best compatibility, but the instructions given can be used to port any device’s ROM to your own.

Bear in mind that the instructions do require you to have some knowledge of playing around with ROMs and their structure, but those that have that knowledge, can head on over to the original thread on XDA to check out the full guide and start porting MIUI 4 over to their devices right away. Share your thoughts on how it works out for you, in the comments below. Happy porting!

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