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How to Install XXJVK Android 2.3.3 ROM on Samsung Galaxy S [Instructions]


UPDATE 1: If you’re experiencing graphics related problem, then that’s probably because you’re upgrading from an Android 2.2 Froyo build. So to solve your graphical issues you’ll have to flash XXJVK with bootloaders, you can download it from here. Installation process is similar, just use the file with bootloaders.

UPDATE 2: For everyone who is having graphical issues, download & flash the ROM with bootloaders from here — named “GT_I9000_XXJVK_XXJVK_OXAJVK_Sbl.exe”, Size: 146.72 MB. Installation process is similar.

UPDATE 3: The post has been edited to replace the JVK Download links with the its with_bootloaders version. It’s been said that the with_bootloaders version is a bit risky, but if you want to install the custom ROMs and do other stuff, you’re gonna need it anyway. Also, users who tried the without_bootloaders version of XXJVK are facing lot of problems (like graphical issues as told in the comments below) and it’s said that the with_bootloaders version takes care of that too.

UPDATE 4: A new official ROM — XWJVB (final release for Europe) — is available too. We’ve already covered it. Here’s How to Install XWJVB and How to Root XWJVB and install CWM. Enjoy!

For more clarity of versions, here are the file names of two version with respective size:

  1. JVK_with_bootloaders —

    GT_I9000_XXJVK_XXJVK_OXAJVK_Sbl.exe (size 146.72 MB)

  2. JVK_without_bootloaders — GT_I9000_XXJVK_XXJVK_OXAJVK.exe (size 146 MB)

So, we would suggest you to download the with_bootloaders version — size: 146.72 MB — so that you don’t face graphical and other issues and also are able to apply custom ROMs made on JVK — we’ll covering these ROMs too, soon.

In case you want to download the without_bootloaders version of XXJVK, here’s the download link. Install Instructions same as for with_bootloaders version given below.

The instructions below (together with links have been updated, to install with_bootloaders version.

[info]This guide is applicable only for Samsung’s Galaxy S international version (i9000). If yours is Vibrant/Captivate/Fascinate/Epic 4G or any other Galaxy S variant, then this ROM — and Guide — is not for you, and that’s for definite.[/info]

[warning] The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt if you don’t totally know what it is. If any damage occurs to you or your device, we won’t be held responsible. You only will be responsible — you’ve been warned. Okay![/warning]



Follow these step-by-step directions to install XXJVK Android 2.3.3 ROM on your Galaxy S:

  1. Download XXJVK with_bootloaders. File name — GT_I9000_XXJVK_XXJVK_OXAJVK_Sbl.exe. Download Link. [Whether you're coming from Froyo or have already tried XXJV1 we would suggest with_bootloades version.]
    1. Extract the self-extracting ‘GT_I9000_XXJVK_XXJVK_OXAJVK_Sbl.exe file by double clicking on it. You’ll get 3 files:
      1. CSC_OXAJVK.tar.md5,
      2. PDA_XXJVK.tar.md5 and
      3. PHONE_XXJVK.tar.md5.
    2. Download the file: Odin-1.7with.pit.512.803.zip from here. Extract it to get these files:
      1. Odin3 v1.7,
      2. s1_odin_20100512.pit and (No use in this guide)
      3. s1_odin_20100803.pit. (No use in this guide)
    3. Switch Off your Galaxy S. Make sure it’s disconnected from PC and connect it only when told.
    4. Now, put it in Download Mode. For that, press and hold these keys together – Volume Down + Power Button + Home Button.
    5. Now, head over to Odin (from step 3.1, double-click to run the program on computer) and place the files as per the instructions given in steps 8, 9 and 10. Also, for reference, check the image at the top.
    6. Leave the PIT box empty.
    7. In the PDA box, select this file (from step 2.2) — PDA_XXJVK.tar.md5
    8. In the Phone box, select this file (from step 2.3) — PHONE_XXJVK.tar.md5
    9. In the CSC box, select this file (from step 2.1) — CSC_OXAJVK.tar.md5
    10. Make sure to uncheck ‘Re-Partition’.
    11. Keep ‘Auto Reboot’ & ‘F. Reset Time’ boxes checked.
    12. Now connect your phone (which is in Download Mode since step 5) to computer.
    13. Upon connecting, Odin will show “Added” under the message box.
    14. Now, hit the START button to let the process begin.
    15. When process at Odin finishes your phone will automatically reboot. You can unplug the cable now. That is, disconnect your phone from PC now, when reboot starts.
    16. When your phone has restarted, you are on the XXJVK Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread ROM of Galaxy S. Congrats!
    17. Check your phone’s version by here: Press Options -> Settings -> Scroll down and select About Phone -> Scroll down and check your version.

    Video guide


    [valid] Want to get root access on XXJVK?

    Well I’ve posted a rooting guide too, follow the link below:

    Root XXJVK – Android 2.3.3 ROM for Galaxy S i9000 [/valid]

    [info]If you experience a problem in getting the ROM flashed with the steps given above, try flashing the ROM again, but with 512 PIT file this time, and keep the ‘Re-Partition’ box checked. All other things same as in steps given above.[/info]

    To read the differences in “bootloader” version and  “without bootloader” version, go here. Or below is the quoted summary from the link:

    • XXJVK firmware with-out bootloaders + Froyo/Eclair bootloaders on device = Graphics/Screen corruption + Can’t enter Recovery Mode
    • XXJVK firmware with-out bootloaders + XWJV1(GB Beta) bootloaders on device = OK!
    • XWJV1(GB Beta) firmware with-out bootloaders + XXJVK bootloaders on device = OK!
    • Froyo firmware with-out bootloaders + XXJVK or XWJV1(GB Beta) bootloaders on device = OK!

    Let us know in comments below how XXJVK Android 2.3.3 ROM works on your Galaxy S (i9000).

    • DopeHeaD

      Great Tutorial!
      Thaks a lot !

    • calin

      worked like charm :) thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Works like a charm, much faster then Froyo -Thanks all.

    • Wez

      Thanks Kapil so excited going to download xwjvb now. Can I. Flash this version anywhere in the world, living in South Africa.

    • Elroy.Sun

      Thanks for sharing,but I’m wondering why I can’t get in to the download page.And it doesn’t works by changing IP addresses(I’m living in China).

    • Wez

      Hi can I flash the (with bootloaders) xxjvk over darky9.2 anywhere in the world. Never flashed before. I’m nervous but so keen for 2.3.3 custom rom, looks like a few nice ones to choose from.

      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        Yes, you can flash with_bootloader JVK. But I would say, better try the newer Android 2.3.3 ROM — XWJVB. Installation Guide here — http://www.theandroidsoul.com/how-to-install-xwjvb-gingerbread-rom-gaalxy-s/. Go for the with_bootloaders version here — I’ve been using it for quite some time now and I’m overall happy with this. Root is also available as stated in the post there. hope you like it.

    • Sathish

      hi kapil my SGS not able to do download mode, any solution??

    • Aditya

      hi every one i bought galaxy fit recently and want to install 2.3.3 on it ….does this rom will work on my galaxy fit????

    • http://increasingworkplaceproductivity.net Bojan

      I just succesfully installed it. Thanks for the recommendation. Seems to run kinda slow, but I am gonna root it now and see what I can do about it.

    • erli

      ääähm this gingerbread looks like froyo with gingerbread status bar!!!! what the fuck??????

      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        Chill… install the themes available for JVK and it will look solid n different, too! We’ll be posting some JVK themes soon, which you can try to make your phone look just awesome!

    • ssnef

      Working!!! lo consegui, with all the butterflies in the belly, and no previous knowledge. Thanks for the developement

      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        Thnx! Glad you like it.

    • kk

      Thanks for Updating Custom Rom ISSUES.
      Finally Found proxy for all apps , ASPROXY but some times crashes :(.

    • Asad Hameed

      Following up on the babar request I have installed 2.3.3 rom leaked few weeks ago. Now can I get the official rom when released by samsung for galaxy S? or do i have to revert to official Froyo for it.


    • Babar

      thanks for you sharing Nohcho and Kapil. i think they ways you guys recommend are to install custom ROM. please tell me a way that i can go back to the original one which is installed by Samsung on my device, as i heared that the official 2.3.3 Samsung ROM for Galaxy S is going to be out in the market in this month, i need to install the official ROM.
      so please tell me to go back to the original one not the custom again.
      Thanks in advance.

    • Babar

      @ nohcho, how to go back to froyo (original one) on galaxy s?

      • Nohcho

        I used this website: http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/how-to-use-odin-to-upgrade-samsung-galaxy-s-gt-i9000-to-android-2-2-froyo-download/comment-page-1/#comments to upgrade it from an earlier version and also to downgrade it from the battery eating Gingerbread. Just read through the instructions and there are 2 stages to do it. I used the Stage 2 when I downgraded my phone last week as I had already flashed my phone before. I think you have to go for stage 2 too. But do use this version XXJPU which is the latest of Froyo which you can download from here: http://www.multiupload.com/PUSOOBQ8K5. Do the rest following the stage 2 instructions.

        Hope this helps

        • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

          Hey… it’s pretty simple to downgrade to Android 2.2. Just use the EZbase ROM — EZRom. Link here — http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ezbase-ezrom-for-android-2-2-install-revert-back/

          The EZBase ROM will also take care of bootloaders required for Froyo. It may sound puzzling that even when you’re on Android 2.3 (with bootloaders), you still require Android 2.2 bootloaders but that’s the case here. So, when switching back to Froyo, you do need to get to Froyo with bootloaders and stuff and EZRom takes full care of that. What’s more it’s pre-rooted too with these apps already installed — titanium backup, superuser and ROM Manager. So, give it a go. FYI, it’s based on XXJVE Android 2.2 Samsung Galaxy S ROM.

          Apart from that, EZBase is the best choice to revert back to Froyo when wou want to try MIUI for Galaxy S, or CM7 SGS ROM, or the stock Android 2.3.3 ROM. Why? Because it’s complete and safe and forms a decent base to try the above mentioned 3 ROMs. We’ve already covered MIUI — which really is one GREAT Rom — and I’m on verge of getting you guys super solid CyanogenMod 7 SGS ROM. Hang in tight!

          Enjoy :)

      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        Hey… it’s pretty simple to downgrade to Android 2.2. Just use the EZbase ROM — EZRom. Link here — http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ezbase-ezrom-for-android-2-2-install-revert-back/

        The EZBase ROM will also take care of bootloaders required for Froyo. It may sound puzzling that even when you’re on Android 2.3 (with bootloaders), you still require Android 2.2 bootloaders but that’s the case here. So, when switching back to Froyo, you do need to get to Froyo with bootloaders and stuff and EZRom takes full care of that. What’s more it’s pre-rooted too with these apps already installed — titanium backup, superuser and ROM Manager. So, give it a go. FYI, it’s based on XXJVE Android 2.2 Samsung Galaxy S ROM.

        Apart from that, EZBase is the best choice to revert back to Froyo when wou want to try MIUI for Galaxy S, or CM7 SGS ROM, or the stock Android 2.3.3 ROM. Why? Because it’s complete and safe and forms a decent base to try the above mentioned 3 ROMs. We’ve already covered MIUI — which really is one GREAT Rom — and I’m on verge of getting you guys super solid CyanogenMod 7 SGS ROM. Hang in tight!


    • Susan

      I have sucessful to upgrade my I9000. But now I can’t write chinese on my phone. Can u help me to solve the problem? Thank you.

      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        I think Chinese isn’t supported by the leaked ROM. No idea abt how to get it :(

    • Consolero

      After the upgrade to 2.3.3 I am very fast running battery will not last me even a day with minimal use of the phone. does anyone know how to fix it? THX

      • http://none Nohcho

        I installed the gingerbread with these instructions. First installed with-out bootloaders and had 2 problems. First Graphics sucking, second battery running out in 7-8 hours. Then I installed With bootloaders and only the first problem gone but battery is till the same. I now gone back to my lovely froyo 2.2.1 and everything works fine!

        • Consolero

          Take I come back around back to an earlier version, this does not satisfy me 2x a day to charge my phone. Enough to use it and 6-8 hours is really below the level of such equipment.
          Still I’m feeling a Darkys Rom and see whether it will be better. On our forums people write that they PDAs stamina and 4 days with Gingerbread Darkys ROM, I do not know :-(

    • dblac

      at first it looks hard to install ROM on the sgs but if you follow the instructions it gets all easy. By the way is there the Darky’s ROM 2.3.3? if there is anyone with a clue please post the link or email me @dietzblac@gmail.com

    • Darkyfan

      Hi, I’m running Darky’s v9.1 extreme edition and want to change to this ROM, has anyone done that before me? Any probs/bugs? pls let me know :…oh BTW Darky Rulez

      • mpierce

        Just follow these instructions or Darky’s instructions. Darky is giving you these instructions to initially get it working and then flashing his mods on top of this. All of the ROMs are doing this so that you install the correct kernel and framework.res

    • Aymen

      i installed this ROM (2.3.3) and i rooted it & every thing is good :)
      i see one proleme : 329 mo RAM !!! & samsung company confirme that the galaxy s have 512 mo RAM . is any solution to getting 512 ram ?

    • bob

      Please help!!!

      i have 2.2 and my GalaxyS simply not entering the “download mode” while pressing the 3 keys.

      anyone can tell if the phone still ok for ROOT’ing?

      is there any combination to put it in the “download mode” ???


      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        To get your SGS in download mode, switch off your phone and leave it as such for 1 minute. Then, press these keys together: VolumeDOWN+Home+Power.

        If that doesn’t work, I think your phone has downloade mode disabled via the 3 keys setup. So, very seriously, I won’t suggest you to try anything on your phone since working download mode is key to get your device right back if sth happens. Okay!

        • bob

          Kapil, how can I enable the downloading mode? or how can i downgrade to such status?

        • Aymen

          First of all thanks for this tuto .
          I installed this ROM (2.3.3) and every thing work fine (3G,wifi,bluetooth)
          the one probleme is the RAM it say 329 MO RAM to ready to use, and i now the samsung galaxy s have 512 mo RAM. so any solution for this . thanks again .

      • mpierce

        Here is how to put the 3-button combo on any SGS (some phones didn’t come with the SBL files – mine was one of them. I used this method to fix it):


    • Aymen

      Thanks for this Tuto,
      I have a few questions :
      Is here any one he try to upgrade his galaxy s from 2.1 to 2.3.3 ?
      What is the risk to upgrade it from operator ROM Eclair(“SFR , Orange , …”)?

      if no solution for these probleme I take my risk ;)
      one more question :
      is the blutooth & wifi & 3G work fine in GINGERBREAD ?
      Thanks again for your post KABIL :)

    • Raj

      Should I root my SGS i9000 ? What are the benefits of Rooting ? Is there any security issues after rooting it ? I normally use my SGS for online banking etc….

    • chintan

      Hi all,

      I just installed I9000XXJVK|2.3.3 using odin. Everything installed fine and phone is working.

      But yesterday i ran into a weird bug. All my speed dial contacts run into a ussd code running and then i get connection problem or invalid MMi code.

      the same contacts work fine otherwise.

      any ideas as to how to solve this?

      also in running apps>all there is an app called “angry gps”

      is that part of 2.3.3

      thanks in advance

    • Georges

      Thx everybody for this great rom and thx also for the installation guide, everything is ok faster then before I have Froyo 2.2 the only problem that I face no arabic language support and battery all time about to die I have extra battry all time with me for back up. Else the this two bugs everything ok. Thx again for the great work.

    • Ramon

      JVK with bootloaders works great on my Bell i9000m. I updated from 2.1 to 2.3.3 with no problems whatsoever.

    • desny

      YEEY im doing it right now its downloading now ty guys who made this forum i hope it wil work

    • Babar

      How to jump back to the official 2.2 Froyo?
      What are the steps please tell.
      i have to wait untill stable 3.3.3 ROM comeout.

      Please list steps to go back to official ROM.

    • chopa

      Wokay my phone is in 2.3.3 now working in full throttle..speed is totally jet fast but the main draw back is the battery consumption..even though i don’t use my phone..is it safe to jump back to 2.2 froyo

    • Babar

      I am using this ROM from last 10 days. i am having a problem with this ROM. i have fully charged the phone at night; when i get up in the morning it was at 52% only. 48% battery is drained in the sleep mode.
      please tell me the solution.
      i have installed ROM with boot loaders.
      thanks in advance.

    • http://theandroidsoul mohamed0000

      thank you for every thing good work ,how can i have arabic language on 2.3.3?

    • Imre

      I just installed this rom and i’m wondering, because all gingerbread anims are missing..why? ( eg. crt screen off) any solution?

      • k0nko


        Menu – Settings – Display – Animations – Turn all ON

        Dont ask these noobish questions….

        • k0nko

          Oh, i almost forgot…..

          In this ROM you cant get the screen off animation – Because Samsung didnt allow it in STOCK ROM.

          You must flash Custom ROM.

          Go to XDA forum, and use Search.

    • kk

      2.3.3 Workin fine since yesterday, Just battery consumption is doubled … requires charge after 6-7 hrs if usin Wifi at home.

      Rest speed is awsome kinda likin it..

    • Raj

      Hi Kapil.
      I am from India and recently bought SGS with 2.2 (Kernel Froyo.DDJP6.
      Am interested in getting latest version on my galaxy SGS.
      Will you pl inform me will this build 2.3.3 XXJVK work for me in India with Airtel as service provider ?

      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        Hi Raj, it’s working for me on Tata docomo, so I think it would work for you too on Airtel. BTW, it’s the eaked version and unless you’re in hurry, you can wait for Samsung to distribute the update via its PC software Kies by mid-April, I guess.

        But, I think Galaxy S i9000 doesn’t sell anymore. Make sure your phone’s model number is GT-i9000 under About Phone under settings. If it’s recently released Super LCD version of Galaxy S — i9003 — I don’t think this ROM would work.

        • Raj

          Its SGS i9000 only… I am not in hurry but I really dont like the speed lag it has in 2.2.1. So I wish to update it. But after reading all comments I think I should wait till update release by Samsung, due to Battery Drain Problem. Should I ?

    • Froyo

      Ok guys, this is the message I keep getting when I try to istall 2.3.3.When I use ODIN 1.7, I keep geeting message on top of the odin screen saying Odin “Not responding”. And in the message box these are messages Added
      Enter CS for MD5
      Check MD5..Do not unplug the cable.
      please wait..

      These are messages I keep getting on ODIN.I tried to watch video above I can’t see any different to what I am doing Unless there is something which I need to do with a phone.I have been trying this since 2 days ago, I wish someone could help me,I am so tired.

      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        Are you sure you’ve proper drivers installed? If you already have drivers installed, I would suggest you to uninstall them first and then reboot the PC. Disconnect your phone first, though. Upon reboot, install the latest drivers. Download from here: For 32-bit Windows – http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/MOBILES/Samsung/Samsung-Galaxy-S-USB-Driver-for-Windows-x86.shtml, For 62-bit Windows — http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/MOBILES/Samsung/Samsung-Galaxy-S-USB-Driver-for-Windows-x64.shtml.

        Try it out.

        Also, some questions:
        1) Have you disabled the Lagfix, if any, on your earlier ROM. What was the ROM you came from?
        2) have you tried flashing the XXJVK with 512 PIT file. I know I haven’t used that in the video but you can try it. just take care to keep the Re-Partition button in Odin CHECKED now (since you’re using the PIT file now). Okay!

        Lemme know if that helps or not? Also, make sure that your phone is not Galaxy S i9003, since this ROM and guide is applicable only for i9000 version. Check your phone’s version in settings – scroll down and select ‘about phone’ – ‘model number’ — it should be GT-i9000.

        Good Luck!

    • Froyo

      I tried all Options above but I can’t make it to work.I just wanna know if there is anything I need to install in my phone before I started this procedure. I never had problem with other rom before this,I don’t understand why this one doesn’t want to install.Is there any other way apart from using ODIN?

    • Froyo

      Hi to all
      I am having problem to install, my Odin doesn’t go further than 4 lines,the last line say “please wait”. I have been trying this since yesterday but no joy.Please could you advice me what am I doing wrong.My phone at the moment is running 2.3.2 version of gingerbread, also I tried from froyo 2.2JPH STILL SAME PROBLEM.Let me please what am I missing.

      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        Hey, can you provide us an screenshot of what it’s looking like at your end? Although I don’t think you would make any silly mistake as this — but do make sure you’re selecting the right files in these tabs — PDS, Phone, CSC. Also, is it showing “Added! !” in the message box and what about the 0:(COM4) [under the ID:COM] with yellow background as in the video at 1 mins 39 seconds?

    • mpierce

      Darky has just released RC3 for this rom with what his changelog describes as a lot of spit and polish. Think I’ll give it a go tomorrow as it is becoming somewhat late in the land down under. Here is the link:

    • David

      In reply to Shivam to my response… The instruction said to go into boot mode and apply the thing… That’s just it.. I don’t even have recovery mode at all, can’t access it.
      Sorta have been saying this a lot :/

    • mpierce

      Absolutely first class instructions. Installation was very smooth (following all steps).

      On initial boot, WOW factor kicked in as I could not believe how fast it booted and it was very fast.

      DISAPPOINTMENT returned after restoring Titanium app backup. Reboot and it took just as long as my previous ROM. More disappointment after closely inspecting it for a day, ROM just felt naked and not polished. Features that I’ve grown accustomed to were missing – theming, app functionality ie, phone call recording, etc.

      Decided that for the time being, I would return to using Darky’s ROM v9.5 with the Black Android theme.

      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        I’m glad you like the guide. I would agree with you on the ‘missing features’ one often get so used to. It’s the official leak right now — nothing more than that, so I hope the fav devs of ours get us a good and solid Android 2.3 builds of their great Android 2.2 ROMs soon!

    • pipo

      just flashed it and unbelievable what the fuck
      so smooth and fast.
      above all expectations
      (finally got rid off the hangups)

      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        Yep! It’s the best work Sammy’s soft team has done so far. You think the Nexus S partnership with Google helped the S team? I guess so.

    • Rene Aagje

      I installed Gingerbread on March 29. I played a few days with it and really everything works just fine for me. Upgraded from Froyo.
      The two “problems” I have, are that the cracked version of Navigon doesn’t work anymore and a purchased game from Gameloft, NOVA, doesn’t work. But that’s not really a problem, since I still have Google’s Nav and a lot of other games. What’s really cool, is the speed increase!
      So I’m very happy with this update and other than this two minor bugs, it really works great!! Thanks to everybody who made this possible and thank you Shivam for the installation guide!
      Samsung Galaxy S, Netherlands, Vodafone, unrooted.

      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        Thanks for thanking everybody for the ROM!
        I’m loving it too but I guess, the real FUN will be when custom ROM devs get the best outta Android 2.3 builds….it’s hard to live without custom ROMs (themes, etc), and with just Sammy’s stock ROM, even if it’s as good as JVK.
        BTW, I just tried the MIUI ROM, which is based on Android 2.3.3 and it’s just amazing!

    • tojjer

      And great site by the way, thanks

    • tojjer

      Nice fast ROM, much better battery life, much much better…………
      until I used live wallpapers! Battery only lasted around 8 hrs then.
      Anyone else find that?
      Or is there a cure please?

      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        battery life is a problem…. no cure is really available. Here are some tips that you might be already knowing — keep sync off (use manually), live wallpapers OFF, WiFi and 3G/H Off when not required. Make sure you don’t have too many apps running in the background. Task killers won’t help too much unless you don’t uninstall the apps you don’t really need.
        That’s it.

    • SGS user


      first of all… thank you Kapil for doing a great job with updates and instructions..

      I have 2.5 juwe’s rom installed on my sgs, to get 2.3.3 do i need to any additional steps?


      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        Hey, just follow the full guide. It would be fine, and safer too.

    • kk

      2.3.3 looks more smarter interms of process managment.
      Just downloaded my emails and APN settings and working fine with browsing.

      Still doesn’t contain proxy settings like 2.2 :(

      more faster then 2.3.2


    • Kim Suri

      Dear Shivam & David

      I see it doesn’t happend when I reboot but I tried 5 times to do it again, it can’t be looked like your video so I worry about it…

    • Alex

      2 All who have troubless with 3G … add apn configuration from yours operator, Than check on rouming thing, sounds like use data in roumming . Some operators sims think you are in the rouming. In my case this helps. For finnish readers link here http://blog.androidsuomi.fi/2010/10/helpot-mms-ja-3g-asetus-ohjeet-yleisimmille-operaattoreille/ read troubleshotting.

    • Henri Vainionpää

      It’s hard to believe that this 3G problem is in operator – 3G works fine with older firmware-version. Now phone doesn’t even show the 3G symbol, even if wi-fi not available.

      • Alex

        2 Henry: Belive me, I tried change my saunalahti card on elisa …. elisa works fine, same time phone automaticaly found assets for elisa …., back to saunalahti and 3g don’t works.

    • buster

      Can I update to 2.3.3 with this method my SGS with android 2.1 (ECLAIR.XWJG4)?

      • http://www.theandroidsoul.com Kapil

        Well, don’t know for sure bcoz I tried it only from Android 2.2. I think you can try it but know that it’s risky. I would suggest you to wait a little bit till we publish our WUP article on how to install darky resurrection ROM – which will install Android 2.2 for you. once you apply the Darky resurrection ROM, you’re good for XXJVK (android 2.3.3) too. Okay!

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