How To Install MIUI on HTC Sensation


Sensation MIUI Installtion Guide

HTC Sensation users, it’s your good day today — your pray for the MIUI custom ROM on Sensation has been heard, and answered. One very cool developer on android scene, the TripNRaVeR, who made MIUI ports for SE devices earlier (including X10) has now done it again, albeit this time for HTC Sensation. The MIUI ROM for Sensation is currently in very alpha stage and has its share of bugs — which will get removed soon, hopefully — but it’s very nice and cheerful to hear that someone has gotten some success on Sensation’s port for MIUI. After all, it’s one of the best custom ROMs out there, and the best of bests for to me.

Before we see the installation guide on Sensation MIUI, let’s first be very thankful to the person who made it possible: TripNRaVeR, you can find him here.

How To Install MIUI on HTC Sensation:

  1. Things you’re going to need to be able to install MIUI on Sensation:
  1. HTC Sensation with S-Off, Root and ClockWorkMod Recovery Installed [Get it all step-by-step from here] Btw, this is a must-do thing, no matter how much time consuming it is. And FYI, S-Off is done first and then, recovery and only after that, root process is done to gain superuser access. It’s explained pretty clearly in the guide linked above, anyway.
  2. Sensation MIUI ROM [Download the latest version from here]
  3. Transfer the MIUI ROM (from step 1.2) to memory card of your Sensation. For this, connect your phone to PC and select data transfer mode.
  4. Download and Install this free app from android market – Quick Boot. Open it (allows superuser permissions) and tap on ‘Recovery’ to let phone reboot into Recovery mode. [As stated in step 1.1, you phone needs to custom recovery installed. if you don’t have that, follow the link in step 1.1 to install S-Off first, then root and recovery]
  5. When you are in recovery mode, use volume buttons to scroll up and down between options and use Power button to select an option. Select “install zip from sdcard” now.
  6. Select “choose zip from sdcard”
  7. Your sd card will show in the recovery mode. Browse to the MIUI ROM file for Sensation that you downloaded in step 1.2 and transferred to sd card in step 2 above. Select it by using Power button.
  8. Select ‘Yes – Install *file-name* now.
  9. The installation process would begin and after it gets finished, use the back key to come back to recovery mode’s main screen and select “reboot system now”
  10. After the phone has restarted, you’ll have the awesome MIUI ROM running coolly on your Sensation. Congrats!

Enjoy the awesome themes MIUI ROM offers and don’t forget to DONATE TripNRaVeR when you feel too grateful to him — which will be the case, for sure.

And let us know what you feel about this great ROM in comments below.


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