How To Install ENG HBOOT on Incredible S

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  • 1.Requirements:
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This kind of stuff is not meant for every Incredible S user, but if you’re someone who loves to play a little harder with his phone like flashing custom ROMs or MODs, then this is something you’d need — at least until we get a working build of ClockworkMod [CWM] Recovery for Incredible S. Anyway below are a few uses:

  • Flash unsigned images
  • Perform advanced fastboot commands
  • Factory reset phone


  • ADB installed on your PC.If you don’t have it, then you can use our guide on How To Install ADB on Windows.
  • Stock radio S-Off
  • Root access
  • BusyboxUse “BusyBox” app from the market to install latest version of busybox — Market link here

Required files:

Download “vivo_enghboot.img” file from here —

Transfer the file “vivo_enghboot.img” to the root of your SD Card (Remember to NOT transfer the file inside any folder on your SD Card. Okay!)


Open command prompt window, and type/paste the following commands:

  1. Enable USB debugging on you phone. To do so go to “Settings — Applications — Development — And tick USB debugging
  2. Insert adb shell command in the command prompt window
    adb shell

    IF you don’t get a # prompt, and get a $ prompt instead of it, then insert the following command:


    That should give you a a # prompt

  3. We must always check the MD5 SUM of the downloaded files to ensure that the file is not corrupted, as a corrupted file might brick the phone.
  4. So to perform MD5 SUM check enter the following command:
    busybox md5sum /sdcard/vivo_enghboot.img
  5. You should get the following the following output:
  6. Check carefully. If you get similar output then continue.But If you get different output, then do the following:
    1. Download the “vivo_enghboot.img” file again from the link given above
    2. Delete the old file from your SD Card and transfer the newly downloaded file to your SD Card
    3. And start again from Step 1
  7. Now enter the command given below to flash ENG HBOOT to your Incredible S
    dd if=/sdcard/vivo_enghboot.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18
  8. Then enter the following command
    reboot bootloader

If everything went well, then you should get a screen similar to one given in the beginning of this post.

This was originally posted by developer “jcase” over at XDA forums. You visit his thread here.

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  1. Plamen Balinov says: Reply

    Many thanks for your guide! It helped me restore my original HBOOT image!

  2. Snake says: Reply

    you are the man …. your method helped me to downgrade my hboot …. thanks again

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