How to Install Android 2.3.2 Custom ROM UltiBread v1.4 on Samsung Galaxy S


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  • Fahrenheit P2p

    first time i forgot auto boot on
    now can’t detect update on the card or boot … what now?

  • Yusuf

    Thanks man, first rom installed my phone, i love it.

  • ehsan

    I have a cyanogen mod7 ,can i directly flash ultibread without flashing other roms?

  • yashraj

    can i install ultibread without updating to 2.3.2……

    • Kapil

      It’s very much recommended that you install the XXJV1 first because you’ll need the JV1’s bootloaders for ultibread too.
      But, btw, XXJVK is out and we’ve covered it too. Try the JVK with bootloader version and I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s far better than JV1 and JV1 based ROMs. I think ultibread will get upgraded to be based on JVK, and that would be right time for you to try ultibread then. I like ultibread too when it came but recent developments completely vote for JVK — the ROM to try right now.
      BTW, we’ve covered the MIUI ROM too. It’s worth a watch. Go to our post and check out the MIUI Highlights Video.

  • Cutiyar

    i can connect to ad-hoc wireless in this Rom?


  • rohan

    hello am from the UK will this rom work here?

    • Kapil


  • Mario L Lëiva

    MMM- I just installed it (There was no problem), but I feel this rom too laggy. How can I make it smooth?

    The desing looks great.
    If it only ran all apps smoothly, it would be perfect.
    hope you can help.

    • Kapil

      I think we one can improve the performance with better memory management. I will get back to you with a tutorial soon.

      • Mario L Lëiva

        OK, I´ll be waiting.
        By the way, some apps don´t seem to work at all.
        Bible Reader by Olivesofware for example.
        Also NOVA by Gameloft: the screen appears all white after the Gameloft logo.

        Besides that, the rom is not so bad, but as you said before, the memory managament needs to be improved because the Phone gets hanged from time to time

        • Kapil

          Hey… video would take some time. But I think you’re pretty good at this and can do it easily even without video. So, here’s the tip (if you didn’t know it already) for better memory management (I found it other ROM developer’s page). Download the autokiller memory optimizer from market and set these settings (given on this page). To edit the top 3 fields, enable them in settings. Set values as 30, 35, 45, 82, 89 and 97.

          Frankly, I haven’t used my SGS in those settings bcoz, I got to apply other ROM just after applying them. But I’ve put these settings back and we’ll how fruitfully it gets. :)

          • Mario L Lëiva

            Thanks, I installed Autokiller Memory (free at the market) and I noticed the difference. It´s faster now, but I still have problems with some apps: they crash (they won´t open). But Its a great rom after all.
            hope you can create an update !! :9

          • Kapil

            Hey… it’s not my ROM. I thought I had mentioned the developer’s name in the article. Anyway, I’ll highlight the developer’s name in each of the ROM I try and write about. BTW, that bible app ran nice on my SGS. What other apps are giving you probs, lemme know.

          • Mario L Lëiva

            Hi again, hate to disturb but I have one more question:
            Can I do Lagfix to this Rom? if it´s possible, could you please post it?
            Also, can I change the theme (skin)?
            I´m having problems with some apps, what could it be?

          • Kapil

            Hey, it’s completely okay. You’re our website’s reader and you can literally ask as many things as you want.

            Well, there is voodoo lagfix (very very beta version) available for android 2.3.2 ROMs on SGS and I’m gonna make an article with video on that soon. It’s not very recommendable though, but once I’ve reviewed it, you can decide yourself. Plus, there is another ROM – Juwe android 2.3.2 ROM, I will write about it too. It would get you a different theme (skin) too. BTW, the bible app you told me about worked fine on my SGS. I don’t know why it didn’t work good for you!

            One more thing, though, use ADW Launcher or Go launcher if you’re looking for more skins and customizations. Install either of these launchers and search for the themes. ADW will get you way too many options. I like the these ADW Themes: minimal, minimal black, (i forgot names of other themes), etc.

            Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.

  • Mario L Lëiva

    I will give it a try!! Im using JV1 right now!