How to Install ADB and Fastboot (with drivers) on Windows: Quickest Setup



If you’ve ever done anything related to root or modding your Android device, you have probably heard of ADB and Fastboot stuff. Both the tools are used to send terminal commands to an Android device from a PC command line.

What’s ADB? ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. It works when the device is powered on and booted into OS or Recovery. The tool helps in sending basic linux commands, and a variety Android specific commands from PC to connected Android devices.

What’s Fastboot? Fastboot is a more powerful tool than ADB and it works only in bootloader/fastboot mode. It allows you to re-flash system partitions on your Android device and requires a device with an unlocked bootloader. It’s particularly useful when you want to update your device manually or in a rare situation when you accidentally soft-brick your device and need to install a clean stock system image.

However, setting up ADB and Fastboot can be very tricky on a Windows machine. But thanks to XDA member Snoop05 who has developed a small program to quickly install both ADB and Fastboot files on your PC (system-wide) along with proper drivers. Downloads and installation instructions below:


 icon-download Download 15 seconds ADB Installer 1.4.2

If the above version doesn’t work well, try ADB installer v1.3 instead.

  1. Download the adb-setup-1.4.2.exe file from the download link above.
  2. Double-click/Run the adb-setup-1.4.2.exe file.
  3. You will see a command prompt window with blue background. Say YES to all the prompts on this screen.
    └ To say YES, just type Y and hit enter.
    15 Seconds ADB and Fastboot Installations

Once ADB, Fastboot and Drivers are installed, the setup window will automatically close and you’ll have a working ADB and Fastboot setup throughout your system. Enjoy!

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  1. rakurhymes says:

    error in installing windows xp

  2. rakurhymes says:

    setx is not recognize

  3. The first commands work but when i type. “Fastboot oem unlock”. It says “waiting for device” what to do?

    • Krishna says:

      That error means ADB and fastboot drivers aren’t installed properly. Have you installed the the driver using the setup file linked above?
      Also, restart your PC once and see if it helps.

  4. Marcin says:

    Awsome ! work like a charm

  5. Jeff says:

    Awesome. Thank you.

  6. Skrillexz says:

    Error in installing windows xp, please help!!

  7. pds says:

    installed above adb and fastboot but in command prompt , it says no device found whn u type “adb reboot bootloader.pls help

  8. j0sh says:

    When ever I tried d0wnl0ading the kit… I keep getting permissiOn denial .txt f0rmat. Pls help me, I need the perfect w0rking link. I will appreciate a speedy reply 🙂 🙂 my mail. Add

  9. carla marie says:

    i can’t use it in adb devices and adb sideloader in zenfone 2

  10. Wade says:

    how do you uninstall?

  11. Adam says:

    i have error

  12. kunjunni says:

    it cant be downloaded its size less chetatharam……….. 🙁

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