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How to enable and disable on-screen buttons/soft buttons on Samsung Galaxy S3


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  • lph

    I can’t save the file either, i don’t see any generic.kl.bak file, any advice?

  • Daniel

    when i try to save the file after changes it tells me there is an error and cannot be saved

  • Vitaly M

    khanster97, had the same problem. When you edit “Generic.kl” with ES Explorer, it creates file named “Generic.kl.bak” at the same folder. After deleting this file and reseting the phone capacitive keys worked again.

  • J. Holt

    This was extremely helpful as I have a waterproof Seideo Obex case and the capacitive buttons don’t register touch very well through it. Any idea how to get the native camera app to resize with this setup? Currently the buttons obscure the camera button making it harder to hit the button and not hit the home button.

  • khanster97

    how do i re enable my capacitive menu and back keys, i got rid of the ‘#’ on key 139 menu and key 158 back and my capacitive buttons still dont work

  • http://www.facebook.com/tschnoor1 Tom Schnoor

    Great article. I broke my touch buttons on my GS3 when replacing the glass and this gave me an alternative route without having to pay $200-$300 to change the entire digitizer! Thanks!