[How To] Droid Charge Root, Voodoo Lagfix and ClockworkMod Recovery Installation Guide


Droid Charge

Samsung’s still has a love for the silly RFS system that the company has put in the Droid Charge. Even though EXT4 produces better performance than the RFS file system. But those of you ant to install the EXT4 file system to have faster speeds and other benefits on Droid Charge, now you can get it manually. Thanks to jt1134, an XDA member, just flashing a kernel via ODIN will get you the root access, superuser, even install the ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) and the best thing in Voodoo Lagfix, which in fact is, conversion of file system from RFS to EXT4.

Here’s how you can do all the stuff together: Root, install Superuser, install CWM (ClockworkMod Recovery) and covert the file system from RFS to EXT4.

Step-By-Step Guide [Applies only to Windows PC]:

  1. Download these files:
    1. Odin (Odin3 v1.3.zip) Link.
    2. Kernel (VoodooChargeKernel4.tar.md5) Link. (Link corrected, updated to newest version.)
  2. Install the proper drivers for Droid Charge if you haven’t done that already.
  3. Disconnect phone from PC, if it’s connected. Then, Switch Off Phone. now, Go to Download Mode.
  4. Open Odin3 v1.3.exe
  5. Connect your Droid Charge to PC now. Odin should show the “Added! !” message in the box.
  6. Flash the Kernel using Odin:
    1. Hit the PDA tab and select the .tar file you downloaded in Step 1.2 (VoodooChargeCWM-2.tar)
    2. Keep re-Partition unchecked while keep both Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time buttons checked.
    3. Double check above two steps and make sure you haven’t selected any other file for any other tab.
    4. Hit the start button.
  7. The Kernel will be applied and shortly after that phone will reboot automatically. Reboot may take 8-10 minutes but while doing that you may hear a voice narrating something which you may not understand — and that’s okay. You file system is changing that time only during reboot. Upon reboot, your Droid Charge would be running on much better file system, EXT4.
  8. That’s it. The Droid Charge is now rooted with superuser app installed along with the ClockworkMod recovery.

Hope your phone likes — and does — it well.

For latest update about this kernel and the latest download (if it gets!), you can keep an eye on this thread here (check out the attached files and change log for more info about whether this kernel has been updated).


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26 Responses

  1. BB says:

    Sorry for stupid question but this can be applied on all samsung android models or only few of them, I am asking here for Samsung i-9000 galaxy s.

    • Kapil says:

      Hey, much better tools and stuff are available for Galaxy S and we’ve
      covered them quite well here on theandroidsoul. Just let us know which
      firmware you’re using and we’ll get you all the best stuff for your phone.

  2. Jwat43 says:

    Did this, followed all the instructions, but when my charge rebooted it didn’t take any longer than usual, and absolutely nothing was changed.  SuperUser not installed, no root.  Nothing. Are there any steps missing?  Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

    • Kapil says:

      This is happening for other users too. I think you can wait for more development on this and try this when the new version comes out. We’ll update the post as and when it comes by.

  3. Ahmadhalabi0811 says:

    it didnt work for me?? i installed the drivers, i downloaded the links, i followed all the steps.  it showed the word added 3 times, then it started, it says set up connection 3 times and its been like that for over ten minutes.  the first time i tried it said failed after 5 minutes.  the 2nd time is where im at now and nothing is happening? any advice?

  4. Ahmadhalabi0811 says:

    Alright. Sounds good. Ill keep watching for it. I did get root. I dropped to ed1 using pain n that went smoothly. Now it’s just the lagfix. Im new to samsung. I usually use htc or motorola

  5. droiduser1 says:

    where can I get the drivers and does doing this wipe out all apps and data. Im new to rooting a droid.z

  6. Scooby-Doo says:

    These instructions are partially incorrect..the file linked above is for the CWM, not the full root/voodoo kernel. Follow the link through to the thread and the V4 kernel is there. Easy flash with Odin… Quadrant jumped from 850 to 1500!

  7. Reemdog says:

    how do you unroot this if you wanted to ?

  8. Hearoldo says:

    Installed painlessly on my droid Charge, took about a total of 10 minutes. I tried other methods and they didn’t work. Thank you and great job

  9. Mail Gsb says:

    has anyone lost ability to write to sd card? I did this and everything works except when I go to copy files to sd card it says write protected?  Please help.. also where is samsung stock firmware if I want to re flash?

  10. Jagger Valenti says:

    Mine has been trying to reboot for like 30mins?

    • Chris Hunt says:

      so has mine. it just keeps flashing the samsung logo screen and then reseting over and over

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