Honeycomb as Android 2.4 [Discussion]

Android 2.4 Honeycomb

Whether or not you find it amusing enough, the rumors have started floating around Honeycomb, that Google is keen on nipping the next iteration of android into already 3 piece long android 2.x series. While we expected the Honeycomb to be android OS version 3.0, it seems Google really wants v3.0 to be big with massive improvements (about which we have no clue!) as against the new UI and other tidbits expected to arrive in and as Honeycomb.

It’s definitely a repeat of Gingerbread scene, since it was also supposed to be android 3.0 earlier, but was indeed launched as android 2.3.

Word on the street suggests February launch for the Honeycomb at Mobile World Congress (MWC), as android 2.4, along with the Motorola Tablet which you might be calling unofficial names like Stingray, Everest, etc and of course, MotoPad.

Google had announced the android 2.2 aka Froyo in May 2010 at its annual I/O conference, and it’s being whispered that the next I/O in May 2011 will be even bigger. Maybe, that’s when the Android brains at Google unleash a totally redefined android 3.0, the version which will grant android desired freedom from all sorts of complaints of unfriendly UI, too-much geekiness, not-so-neat, etc.

A little thought on the Nexus phone series would be interesting here. Although we’re a big FAN of Google Nexus One and would always vote and vouch for Nexus series of android-fare, there are no qualms in admitting that the just released Nexus S was a bit of disappointment; mainly due to absence of dual-core processor, HDMI mirroring and HSPA+. While the addition of NFC and contour display was cool, but wasn’t enough to make it rock like Nexus One. Yep it’s still the best android phone until, either of LG Optimus 2X or Motorola Olympus launch in Feb/march 2011.

But how could Nexus series be seriously linked with android OS version development. Here’s a try. Google launched Nexus One with android 2.1 and the first-time then, 1 GHz processor, making it a flagship device for android 2.1. While there was no flagship device for android 2.2, android 2.3 has got one in Nexus S and we are pretty clear that Motorola Tablet we mentioned above will be the flagship device for android’s next version honeycomb, which is now taped as android 2.4.

Now choosing the Motorola’s tablet as a flagship device hints that there is no such stuff in Honeycomb deserving of Nexus treatment from the Google, and that paves a way for Honeycomb to be stripped of the android 3.x party and tied to android 2.x series, where the next best thing is android 2.4.

Mm-mm. Anybody agrees to me?

Well, back to May 2011 I/O talk, if android 3.0 is indeed that special, we can surely expect another Nexus from Google around 6 months later, in and as a flagship device for android 3.0? What It could be, Nexus Droid? Or Nexus N (for nVidia, for its dual-core processor)?

Comments are open. Let us know if that fits your perception of things going on in the android world.

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