We’re Hiring!

Hello there,

Welcome to The Android Soul. We cover news, leaks and rumors happening in the world of Android on this site. We also do quick app reviews and write useful How-to guides to help people update and tinker with their phones.

We are looking to hire people who could write skilfully about gadgets with wit and authority. You don’t have to have a pro degree or any previous experience (though it will only help), but what we care about is people who really really like and enjoy this stuff. Also if you’re obsessed with Android, that would count as a big plus.

Job details:

  • Both part-time and full-time jobs are available
  • You can work from home
  • 6 days a week. Sunday off. Though, you can write if you wish to.
  • Pay is good, but we’ll talk more about it only after reviewing your application

We provide you with what to write when. You don’t have to do research of any sorts for this.


Write to us and let us know of your interest. Be very sure to include this:

  • Send us two sample articles of minimum 300 words which you think would fit in well with what we do here [hint: android news]
    (We aren’t looking to publish your samples or use it in any way behind your back, so you won’t receive anything in return for it. This is just to get an idea of your writing skills. Goes without saying you gotta write them in your own words, so please DO NOT copy paste anything from anywhere. Need we repeat it?)
  • Share your previous work with us, if any available online
  • Tell us about yourself (age, location, family background, education, current job,
  • Important! Do tell us your expected pay from this job. Also mention whether you seeking a part-time or full-time stint here?
  • Tell us which phone do you use now? And which you’ve already got eyes set on as your next?
  • What is your say on tablets?
  • Your favorite sci-fi movie and favorite time-pass?
  • And one last thing. Make sure not to send your CV or anything such, simply mail us all the details asked above. And, save this page as bookmark for later reference. even if you do not see this page again, you can still apply to us or send anyone to us who you think will be interested in this job and would fit in well.

E-mail: jobs@theandroidsoul.com

If you have got anything to ask, be sure to tell us.

Note: Since most of the vacant positions have been filled or are about to be, we are not actively hiring at the moment. You can still leave your interest with us if you wish to, though. When the vacancy comes, we will be sure to consider your application. Thanks!