We’re hiring!

We’re hiring, guys! If it’s been your dream to write for an Android blog, now’s the time to let your intentions be known to us.

About the job:

You will be covering¬†news stories (including those rumors and leaks) about current and upcoming Android phones, tablets, other gadgets and apps and games. We will provide you with the news that you have to write — that’s to say, you don’t need to research to find news.

You work from home btw. In case you’re wondering, our office is located at Bhilwara, Raj.


We’re looking only for full timers!

Sure, before joining us, you can start little, let’s say 3-4 hours daily for a trial period of 15 days, to understand the job and get an idea how much cool, or otherwise, it is,¬†and then decide accordingly.

Only Individuals eager to work are invited to apply!
Content writer teams and firms, please stay away. Don’t want your help of any kind in any way.

How To Apply?

Okay, here. Gather two articles written by you — write now if need be — and send them to us as sample, along with a C.V. of yours, to help us get an idea of your writing, at this email ID of ours: jobs (at) theandroidsoul.com.

Imp note: Do not copy paste from Internet. you samples need to be your own writing.

That’s it! Looking forward to hear from you, the next Android blogger!