Hike Messenger update brings stickers backup and fixes bugs

If you love popular India-based messaging app Hike Messenger, and do use Stickers a lot on that, here’s some good news for you. The latest update of the app ties your downloaded stickers to your app, so much that restoring the app from a backup will re-instate the stickers as they were — exactly!

Of course, you no longer need to re-download and arrange those cutie stickers on each new installation. Apart from stickers backup, there are various under-the-hood improvements that are also part of the update, which the developer team claims makes experience on Hike ‘faster and better.’

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  1. karan says:

    Where is option of backup of stickers in hike messenger

  2. Jagruti mhaskar says:

    How to back stickers for hike….because I didn’t see stickers

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