Highest PPI Display Record Broken Once Again: JDI Shows Off 651 PPI 2.3-inch Display!


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  • zawarudo

    You must be kidding me. This is by no means a new record. Look at OLED microdisplays. You have whole colorful Full HD on a screen that’s 18.7mm wide, that’s 2600 PPI. They’re used in electronic viewfinders on some cameras already.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000679860284 Malcolm Bates


  • Striderevil

    “It’s still unclear what sort of devices JDI intends to put the 651 PPI display on, as they are certainly not suited for the smartphones of today where larger than 4-inch screens are almost a norm nowadays.”

    This line makes no sense. You mean they are suitable for phones (Galaxy Note 5″, S III 4.8″, HTC One X 4.6″)