Hide Pics and Videos easily with the ‘Vaulty Free Hides Pictures’ App

Vaulty Free Hides Pictures

Oh! I don’t want this pic/video viewable to others. How many times have you thought this? Well no matter whether a million times or nil, you must have the ‘Vaulty Free Hides Pictures’ android app to save your personal media from the public gaze. It’s a lifesaver app for such moments.


  • Open a file you wanna hide and select share. Choose Vaulty from the options that pop up and you’re done.
  • Open the app to view hidden files
  • You have to password protect the app
  • Supports both pics and videos
  • Multiple Selection of files is available, which is really nice if you got tons of such stuff
  • View in full screen mode – make the full use of bigger screen phones like HTC EVO, Motorola Droid X, Samsung galaxy S, etc
  • Yes, you can remove a file from the vault to – to unhide it.

Let us know how much times the Vaulty saved your ass. And also look out for other interesting images apps.

Download the app for FREE.

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  • Theron Rogers

    Hello, I’m the developer of this app and just wanted to thank you for the review. I’ll be releasing an update soon that will ad a lot more features and make Vaulty even quicker, easier and safer to use. Please let me know what you think of it after the update. Once again, thanks for the review. I hope you have a great day.

  • Andrew

    Ya lost my password how would I get my pics back

    • brittany

      I lost my password too did you figure out how to fix it?

  • viridiana

    Lost my password too. Anyway to get my pics back?

  • dillon

    I went in w/ my password & my content was missing how do I retrieve it

  • I’m the developer of Vaulty. If you’re having trouble with this app just email me from the applications page in the Android Market and I’ll help you out.

    • Hbsg29

      Hello my name is herman. I have ur app on my lg apex andriod and as of the last update the icon for vaulty in my shared section has diappeared making it impossible for me to hide my documents. My email is hbsg29@gmail.com if u can fix this and let me know it wud be great appreciated. Thank you

    • Myluvx2

      I have lost my password and cant get back in

  • Kristian

    When i restart my HTC HD Desire phone the images/vids i have hidden by Vaulty become unhidden and are available for viewing. Is this how it works or should they remain hidden?

  • Anthony

    I lost my phone n I got a new one would I be able to get my pictures that I had on this app that I had before

    • No, you can’t get those pics back since they were saved on your old phone.

  • Chris

    Does this app save them somewhere other than my phone? I’m not sure I am comfortable with that.

    • It’s not my App but I’ve used this one for long time and I don’t think it saves data anywhere else than your phone’s sdcard.

  • Chris


  • Al

    Hello, where do the pictures go after being un vaulted? Also I am having a problem of adding more pictures to the vault..The share feature does not appear anymore. Can you help please?

  • Will Robinson

    This app. is a serious problem on Dell Streak, as it takes frames from vaulted “sensitive” videos, and presents them as the thumbnail frames of all other videos you add to Gallery.

    And that is, even after you have deleted Vaulty.

    To get rid of the problem, you will need to install a non rooted file manager such as “Explorer”, which I used.

    Explore your files and delete any files with the date you installed Vaulty & a bit after.

    It seems to me that if you are deleting recent files with recent dates, your phone didn’t need them before, and doesn’t need them now. Just delete them. They are not operational files (at least on streak).

    That is the only way of killing Vaulty for good.

    After getting rid of needless files, which included Vaulty’s residuals, my new videos had thumbnails of their own.

    • Will Robinson

      Some apps destroyed at the Gallery level, may still leave folders on the SD card.

      I note that MP4 movies (though not apps) deleted in Gallery of a Dell Streak, still reside on the SD card.

      You can browse the contents of your SD card, and will quite likely come across things you thought you had deleted from Gallery.

      Make sure you delete Vaulty via Settings/Applications. Not via Gallery.

      If problems persist, you will need to delete files around the dates when things started to go wrong.

  • Aandamarsh

    Hello, i have a few pics i want to hide. i installed vaulty free. I followed instructions and set password. i went to gallary and pressed the share button. great vaulty free came up. i selected. Went back to the vaulty app and it was not there. I went back to gallery and the picture i sent was still there. Do i need to unlock anything in my settings for this to work.? Thanks for any help adam

  • SYKES362





      My pictures dissapeared form the APP OUT OF THE BLUE!

      • moom544@gmail.com


  • Gidget Todd

    I lose my pictures where t they at this is bull s@#t
    can I find them and get them back

  • Gidget Todd

    I lose my pictures where t they at this is bull s@#t
    can I find them and get them back

  • Manahil Manahil

    Hi there is no other folder how can we make folder in vaulty if we can’t than program this vaulty to make other folder to thank u

  • Drewspears23

    I switched from EVO 4G to the EVO 3D and I still have my sd card, also 
    I backed up all the apps but my vault photos has disappeared. In the file the image is in the form of some Asian writing. Can anyone help?

  • Jstovall227

    How do i retrieve my password? I don’t have a security question.

  • Jstovall227

    How do i retrieve my password? I don’t have a security question.

  • Rebecag0204

    I lost my pictures! How can I get them back…

  • james44

    My Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 does not let me access Vaulty from other programmes so I can not share photos. Any suggestions?