[Hack] Remove Update Notification on Galaxy S2 ICS Firmware Leaks


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  • jay

    Just hold your finger on the icon and it will say app info then click it and a Window will pop up and you will be able to disable it

  • Nida

    I have uninstalled both the instances of the software update in ROM Toolbox..notification is gone..But it doesn’t even show the Software Update option in Settings>About Phone….How to install the software update service again guys …any ideas???

  • ragV

    Mine s i9100G.. i went to settings -> about phone -> software update. all of a sudden it started updating without a confirmation . i cancelled it and post pond it 7 days later. and this stays in my notification bar forever. i wanna remove it. i don wanna update. pls help

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Try this, go to settings and find the update section there. See if there is anything such as ‘do not notify me about updates’ or anything. If you have rooted your i9100G on Android 2.3, you can install ROM Control app (it would need root access to work) and then freeze the update service of Samsung, which will remove the notification.

      But, I think you should go ahead with the update. Android 4.0 is pretty good update, kind of must-have.

  • Basil

    actually you only need to go to settings/about phone/software update and uncheck all

    • asmita joshi

      it does not work

    • Md

      Works if you delete the downloaded update

  • Hiernu

    I could not find “device manager”, but i could simply find two instances of “software update”. I have uninstalled them through ROM Toolbox and now do not have any “software update” message anymore, problem solved.

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Cool. Thanks for letting us know, will update the post above with our info.

      • Yuval Greenfield

        Infact you only need to freeze the “software update” that has a green rectangle icon. The one with arrows that look like the notification is a decoy I guess.

  • Trent

    I remember after I flashed ICS onto my GS2 that it was in the notifications bar, but I simply tapped on it and then attempted to “update” (I knew it would not work) but after it told me it couldn’t it disappeared anyway. Problem sort of solved itself. Anyone else have that happen?

    • Hamfish

       Nope :(
      But what Hiernu suggested worked :)