Hack a Galaxy Tab 10.1 to make phone calls


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  • Ike4son

    Its amazing! I have been successful and no struggles at all. Thanks for the education.

  • Aarón Doyle

    hey gentleman: YOU ARE THE HACKER IN THESE KINDS OF THINGS! I was tired of not receive calls until I found your post on how to configure the tablet to phone … it took me a bit because I was nervous … until I made a call on the tablet and it went smoothly, no problems clarito heard nothing. Thank you my brother was helpful

  • http://www.facebook.com/anderson.luciano.146 Anderson Luciano

    Hi man! i did all the steps and after that i could make and receive phone calls… problem is, if my screen turn off, when it come back tablet the screen is filled with shrieks…. i have to restart for it to back to work. Any ideia?

  • mayank

    it works good but, there is no sound after call around 1 minute

  • Catweazle83

    Very great! I have now tried that on CM10, AOKP and stock rom. On every rom there is no sound in my bluetooth headset. If they get this fixed, it is perfect.

  • Halbo de Beer

    It is to good to be true! I will remember you as the Albert Einstein of 10.1!!