[Guide] XWLPM – Official Android 4.0.4 Update for Galaxy S2


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  • gdf

    Worked perfectly for me (uk user)

  • tasos

    nice work sorry i confused

  • tasos

    nice job guys i am from greece and it works perfect so far

  • satheesh

    messaging problem doesnot shown and not coming messages

  • ftheba

    I was unable to flash this XWLPM 4.0.4 firmware. The message in Odin stated that it was unable to connect with the serial port. can anyone help with this?

  • Nihar Joshi

    Some apps and some widgets are in Russian….how can i change this to english?
    Please help!

  • prince

    Cant extract. Please help

  • Ken

    Galaxy S2 best Update :-) from singapore handset

  • http://www.facebook.com/selva.shan Selvakumar Shanmugam

    I updated my SG S2 with XWLPM.

  • Vincent

    I updated my SG S2 with XWLPM and still have have firmware XXLQ5 on it , and it works good.
    But can anyone tell me if there is a way to root it properly.
    There are a CF-Root for it????

  • Romeo

    why do i have on my background photo a text that sound like this :
    hw: mp 1.300
    pda: i9100xwlpm
    phone : i9100xelq6


    UniqueNumber : N ????
    and why my phone doesn’t work to lock the screen with any method ? it doesn’t work to lock it using swipe,face recognition ,model…

    • Dev

      Hi, I have the same problem on my phone but I got this message after OTA update….Did find out how to fix it??

  • NeViLLe

    Is there a root for XWLPM? Please can you put up a rooting guide or atleast give a link for the root file?

  • PokeBear

    how to root this?. Thank you. I already tried google but to no avail.

  • PokeBear

    how to root this?. Thank you. I already tried google but to no avail.

  • Damien

    awesome worked great!

  • Az

    How does one safely gain root access on this? I’ve been reading from quite a few comments that root causes camera and video playback problems.

  • bilal

    wifi is doing well but internet is not connecting via 3G/2G in xwlpm ….. indian s2

  • punkcesar


  • khaled

    thank you
    this version is with some games and polaris office
    the problem there is no photo editor l

  • xJARiD

    about to find out!

  • Drazen Filipovic

    is it safe to flash it with odin over Leaked 4.0.4 firmware LQ5?

    • punkcesar

      i did it on my s2 and worked better than i spected i recomend it a lot