GT-i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini gets a UAProf at Samsung’s WAP site, and a semi-official status


Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is no stranger to us – we’ve already seen it a couple of times and we are almost certain that Samsung will announce it on October 11 at its Frankfurt held event. But Samsung has never even confirmed its existence to us yet, and that’s exactly why we feel happy about the device getting a dedicated UAProf (User Agent Profile, that is) on Samsung’s site – which nearly makes the Galaxy S3 Mini official by Samsung, albeit unintentionally, well before it is expected to go all official, intentionally.

The good guys over at SamMobile were able to locate the Galaxy S3 Mini’s UAProf at Samsung’s WAP site, at this url –

As it goes, there wasn’t tons of info that UAPro page could get us, but it did confirm some vital specs: 4” Super AMOLED display with a mortal resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, and that the Galaxy S3 Mini would feature an ARM11 processor. These bits of info about the processor and display are enough of the tell-tale signs that Samsung is looking to target the medium-segment market with this device. And at that, Sammy must have thought what could better using the ubiquitously known brand name of its, the Galaxy S3, for the marketing purpose.

Looking at the rumored spec-sheet of Galaxy S3 Mini, it can be rightly dubbed as a reincarnation of Samsung’s own old man, the Galaxy S, i9000 – the first rockstar device of the Galaxy S series from Sammy which produced the likes of legendary Galaxy S2 and current flagship, the Galaxy S3, and thus can be easily regarded as the device that started it all for the company. The Galaxy S had a similar config, a 4” Super AMOLED display packing 480 x 800 pixels and like. Though, Super AMOLED displays have come a long way now since then, and we expect the Super AMOLED display in Galaxy S3 Mini to be far batter than that on Galaxy S, not that latter’s was any slouch, and at its time, was one of the best.

The Galaxy S3 Mini has been codenamed as GT-i8190 and has already appeared in T-Mobile’s TAS systems too, so we really expect Samsung to make it official on October 11.

Samsung Galaxy S III MINI

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