Google to celebrate 10 billion downloads for the next 10 days with 10 apps for 10 cents. Yeah, It’s a SALE!

Google celebrating 10 billion downloads for 10 days with 10 apps for 10 cents. Yeah, It's a SALE!

Yeah folks, you read that right ─ Google’s giving away 10 popular apps for 10 cents today in the Android Market.

It’s part of the celebration of Android Market crossing 10 billion downloads of apps & games.

And the numbers are all in line: 10 billion downloads → 10 days → 10 apps → 10 cents. Cool.

And the thing to note here’s that Google might refresh the 10 apps for sale every single day for the next 10 days. So guys, hurry ─ the 10 apps which are currently on sale might only last for a day. Below’s the list of apps which are for sale today :

Here’s the link to Android Market’s Promo page → link.

Let us know which apps you downloaded in the comments below, Cheers!

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