Google Search now shows “Slow to load” note for video results when you’ve slow internet connection


Slow to load on Google Search results

Looks like Google search now even measures your internet connection speed to improve your search experience. My internet was just acting sloppy, and I was searching for “jurassic park world trailor”, and there Google showed a “Slow to load” exclamation to all results with video content.

So next time when you’ve a slow internet connection on your mobile device, Google will be kind to tell you right on the search results page that you’re less likely to be able to view video search results with that “Slow to load” note. Pretty cool!

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  1. Laurence says:

    Hopefully not just for slow internet connections, but for slow websites too. I would hope its a little nod to website owners to speed up their site, Google are always encouraging people to speed up their websites.

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