Google Preparing Stores for Music, Books and guess what, Movies! Great Multimedia Stuff on the Horizon.

If you thought Android has achieved all it can, think again. Okay, we knew you would never ever think so stupid when you know the name of the company behind Android, the Google Inc. Ah, thy name signals that more goodies – services, updates, expansions, etc – are always on the Horizon.


Check it out yourself; there are 3 new pages on the domain: — one each for every service – Music, Books and Movies. Here are the URLs:

If you follow the URLs, you don’t see a new service or anything new and in fact, you’re shown the content of the market’s homepage only, but you don’t encounter any error (like Error 404) too! Well, the latter part, that no Error appears – is indeed very interesting. Because, it means that the webpages have been created, and what remains is the content, which will come sooner (at Xoom Launch) or later (at Google I/O in May ’11), we guess. For your info, you can try altering any of the URL above and see the result. Try replacing the music URL with “musicxyz” and see what happens when you hit enter. Hint: you’re doomed for Error 404!

So, with any luck to boot on our side, we might see a plethora of new, much-awaited and much-wanted services making their debut on our favorite screen in house.

About Google Music, Google hinted – actually, even showcased some parts – to us of it last May at Google I/O. And, we’ve already heard Sanjay Jha saying that Google Music will be launched with Motorola Xoom, with the latter said to be launching on February 24.

About Google Books, we know it’s here or there and will be definitely on Android Market soon.

But what about Movies, we’ve are surprised — and delighted — to hear it. We don’t have too much to tell — or guess, for that matter — but whatever it is, we’re inclined to think, it’s awesome! What do you think, hmm?

We all know about Google’s plan of using Android to become a multimedia download repository and it looks like things sure are shaping up quite nicely, and at good pace too. The question now is whether Google will wait for I/O which is around the corner or will these stuffs debut before that, possible at Xoom’s launch, Feb 24. Keep guessing… and watching this space. We’ve got you totally covered.

Via Phandroid

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