Google Play Ad, Made of Bananas and Mirrors is Worth the Watch — It’s done the Google Way!

Google Play Ad Video

Google has just advertised its Google Play service, and has taken help of bananas, mirrors and one tall-old-geek-scientist to show off one of the Google Play’s feature: buy a movie on an android device using Google Play and watch it on any android device of yours without the need to transfer it across or use cables at any time, by streaming it to device of choice.

The Google Play ad lasts 1 minute exactly, and is well worth the watch. It’s creative, it’s geeky and it’s entertaining, and yet might be a little bit disgusting for some, but it’s well done — the Google way. Check out the video below of the Google Play ad, and let us know in what you think of it. And btw, what features of Google Play do you think Google should advertise?

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