Google Motorola X Phone and X Tablet are in the works!


It’s been a while since Google acquired Motorola, and we’re actually surprised this took so long to happen, but word has it that Google is finally working with Motorola to create a new smartphone device codenamed the X Phone.¬†And that’s not all, there are also reported talks of an X Tablet to follow the X Phone.

Google has already partnered with HTC, Samsung and LG so far on Nexus devices, and clearly, the last attempt with LG, despite awesome hardware and a cutting edge version of the Android OS, doesn’t seem to be going down too well due to production and supply issues. It was only logical that Google would turn inhouse, in a manner of speaking, for the next Nexus device.

As per The Wall Street Journal, who has received an insider tip, the mysterious X Phone is expected to be out sometime next year, which could mean that development work is already underway. Google has reportedly put Lior Ron in charge of this new project. Lior is a former Google Product Manager with extensive experience in its mapping solutions, and seeing what Google Maops is capable of these days, he is obviously someone who is capable of delivering great results.

The new X Phone project is said to be focusing hugely on providing a high-quality camera and imaging abilities in the device, and area that Nexus smartphones have traditionally fallen short in. Motorola had recently acquired an imaging company called Viewdle, and its imaging and gesture-recognition software will most likely be integrated. On the hardware front, bendable screens and other materials such as ceramics are also reportedly being explored for usage on the device to enhance durability.

Google has traditionally had little to do with actual hardware production for its Nexus devices and has depended on other OEMs like HTC and Samsung. If this turns out to be true, then we could looking at a new shift in the Android space, where Google gets into direct competition with other Android OEM biggies as Samsung and HTC.

Not to mention taking charge of production, and making sure that the Out of Stock message that we have grown so used to seeing on device listings on the Play Store becomes a rarity. As for Motorola, we all know their devices have terrific build quality, and that they did a pretty awesome job with the Motorola Xoom, which was essentially the lead Honeycomb device but not branded as a Nexus.

With the Nexus program now open to multiple OEMs, this should also drive companies such as Samsung, who have the most experience with producing Nexus devices to raise the bar on hardware features and design and turn out more bleeding edge products. The so called Doomsday has passed, and it looks like 2013 is going to be a really interesting year after all.

Via The Verge

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  1. Abhijeet Mishra says: Reply

    Bad idea if next Nexus is from Motorola. Since they pulled out of most markets, we won’t be seeing the X in most markets = no Nexus for most if it turns out to be the Nexus. :/

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