Google emerges leader in the fight of Android apps in India


The latest survey by Neilson Informate panel has cleared all doubts regarding the most used apps by Android users in India. The survey has revealed that Indian users spend 25% of their time on apps developed by Google itself, while other apps occupy the rest 75% market share.


The Neilson study also revealed that Google apps dominate in 5 out of the 7 app-categories. Also, Facebook dominates social networking while Nimbuzz enjoys the top-spot in chat.

The usage of Google apps in India, when broken-down, gave an obvious result… Google Maps came out the winner in this case followed by Youtube, with Gmail coming in at third. This result was almost uniform throughout all age-groups


In terms of share of time spent per day too, the survey didn’t reveal anything different.Google_in-share-of-apps-2

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