Google can Detect Malware on your PC too. Not just Android Phone, eh!

Before you begin to ponder over the privacy concerns and grow suspicious about how much Google knows about you or how much accessible you are to Google without knowing, let’s first see how Google finds this particular malware and alerts you upon finding that. First, this is just one-off case and you can in no way expect Google to find and alert you of all sorts of malwares and viruses and Trojans your computer is ill with or not.

Google, with the help of some security companies, has been able to detect if a particular PC is found sending info to Google itself using proxies as aid. Since the Google itself is at the receiving end of info, this makes it possible to detect the malware and alert you quickly upon finding one. The pic above shows what kind of alert you’ll get and how.

We already knew that if Google finds any android app infected with Virus/Trojan, it automatically removes the app not only from the Android market, but also from your android phone and tablet. We can only say the latest malware warning facility makes the web safer and, in the broader thinking, everything Google is doing does makes the web a better place.

So, do you think Google has done the right thing by alerting you of malware and that it’s not a privacy issue at all?

Via GoogleBlog

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