Google+ Android App Updated. Gets you even more Control !

Google+ android app is already one of the coolest app we’ve ever seen and it just got updated to bring in even more cool feature, that increase your grip on the way you want to use your Google+ profile. The performance and big fixes aside, there is lot more added to Google+ settings to make you more comfy using Google+. Google+ is very open and very closed at the same time. Since it has elements of Twitter (anyone can add you to his circle and view what you are sharing to all people), some improvements have been made in Huddle and Circles section of the Google+ android app to provide greater controls so that you don’t feel irritated by the loads of info shared with you and chats initiated with you.

Let’s have a look at What’s New in Google+ android app v1.0.2:

  • You can set permissions for who and who can initiate start a Huddle with you: Anyone, Your Circles, Extended Circles
  • Adding people to huddle is easiest now — you can add multiple people or a circle to huddle in one go
  • Customize the main stream which notifies of who shared what with you on the basis individual circles
  • Issue with Swype keyboard is fixed too
  • Dismiss the invitation for group huddle from someone with whom you’ve huddled before right from the app
  • Set a photo as wallpaper

Download Google Android App

BTW, Google+ users have already crossed the 10 million users milestone and the way Google’s taking care of its new social service — offering timely updates to very slick and cool app — it gonna be very big pretty soon. But let Google open the service to all in the first place which anyway is scheduled for July end, and we’ll be able to get the full response of the public about Google+ then.

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  1. can you guys provide an alternative download link. it says my device (galaxy s2) is not compatible despite having already install the earlier version. thanks.

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Search for the Google+ app in the android market. If it’s already installed, click the update button to update it otherwise install it from the android market app on your android phone.

      1. Searched it – via web & mobile Market app – before i even posted my 1st comment up there. And I’ve looked within the app for the update button and i see none. Can you be specific where it is?

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