Google and Team Android wish everyone Happy Holidays through a cute new video!

Android XMas

If you think Google and Team Android had forgotten all about us post the release of the latest Nexus lineup a month ago, you can’t be more wrong.

Team Android just posted a short, and cute video clip on its official YouTube channel which shows the familiar little green droid feeling lonely and left out as he watches some folks ring in the holiday season.

Fortunately for the bot, he finds company in a Nexus 4, a Nexus 7 and a Nexus 10, and has his own little celebration complete with a snowy background on a large screen thanks to the Miracast ability on the Nexus 4, virtual Christmas tree, a Photo Sphere and a virtual fireplace, thanks to a caring Android lover.

The video ends with a bunch of colorful droids all emerging from behind the devices and getting together with our little green bot.

What’s interesting in the video, is the presence of the much-talked about Nexus 7 dock (0:54), as well as an hitherto unheard of or unseen Nexus 10 dock (1:01). That was smart of Google to slide in a new accessory into an otherwise cute and moving little video clip. Check out the video below for yourself. I could almost see the little green droid smiling towards the end.

Via The Offical Android Channel on YouTube

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